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old hawk
August 8, 2000, 12:41 PM
ok finally went to the shop to get a new peashooter, the feg h-p i wanted was gone,the 9mm star 1911 after looking at the rough shape i passed on.in the corner i saw a Llama.45 plain jane 1911 style somwhere between a commander size and officers model in great clean shape with smooth walnut grips ,ahhhh the right price too,sold,i get home dissasemble and noted that some moron had done a crappy feed job on the ramp ,the surface not well finished at all so i cleaned that up.i took a nice look in the bore,oh joy!a crummy feed lip polish job too.so i clean that up.now the top of the chamber same deal,looks like a bad polish job to clean up.now the fun part.whose got parts? i am wanting to replace the barrel at this point because i just dont trust how much meat the dummy took from the chamber feed lip.case head separations scare ta hell outta me ,but the gunny has shot the piece ,worked fine then.maybe no jams now hopefully after the buffing job.i know i can use a colt barrel here but wondering how much hassle it is to fit it and details etc.or where can i get a stock barrel 4"5\16ths long thats llama? other than the botched home job did to it and repolished out as per normal by me the gun seems very tight,good machining etc and a nice trigger pull.has anyone got a stash of parts???????????seems a shame what some poeple do to a good weapon at times in the name of improvement.the bores rifling is exremely well sharp and almost new looking as well.

George Stringer
August 9, 2000, 08:41 AM
Old Hawk, try Numrich Arms www.gunpartscorp.com. (http://www.gunpartscorp.com.) They will probably have it. George

August 9, 2000, 05:39 PM
Got the Federal arms cat. anf they advertise 1000's of pistol barrels.Might try them.

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old hawk
August 10, 2000, 12:40 PM
thanx guys have been trying to find fed barrels web page or info,no luck with that,i get fed this fed that sites instead , i did get a barrel for my cz52 from karl at mak.com this summer oddly enuff,i like the barrel alot.did find out at gun parts corp that they had llama stuff too but models 3 etc,she was stumped on the straight model45 as stamped on mine ,did find a site with commander barrels nos 39 $ but lost the site.arghhhhhhhh
took a look at the worn stamped link as well as a sear that had one bucktooth in the middle and worn so thats going too,i plan on wilson for that and a full length guide rod.the slide fit is ok but im going to try sqweezing that up a bit as well.hopefully an next oversize link will force the chamber up higher i hope.anyhow thats this months project..............

old hawk
August 12, 2000, 04:14 PM
ok i called up gun parts corp. and had the woman altho helpful she was ,she got so confused when i tried to tell her my model.45 had no name just model .45 commander style setup,all i got was parts for other llamas like 3 and 4 etc but zip on mine,arghhhh.she had never heard of the model period.
i also noted the link was smakking the bottom notch in the frame too against the stop,now i think i have a stretched link on top causing this.i gues time for a standard length link replacement but the link pin looks like a b to get out one side being countersunk in.i did tighten the slide up today some but not as much as i should have(one coffee and no sleep last nite).any info on which 7 rd. colt mags to get that will fit this piece?other than the usual i really like the llama,i also managed to get a number for federal so im calling them monday,they also have a complete 1911 comp kit frame barrel slide bushing link etc minus all the parts for like 200$, that may be this falls next cheap shooter build job,i like the 9x19 barrel from them in my cz52 tho alot.good job to fed guys on them. i appreciate all the help guys thanx ,ol hawk.

James K
August 13, 2000, 06:59 PM
Hi, Old Hawk,

Your gun and your money, but I stongly recommend you not spend any more hard earned dollars on that Llama. They were not good quality from the factory and are quite soft. The initial problems were likely what led the previous owner down the "polish and grind" garden path.

Anything you do will cost money and it really is like trying to make an NASCAR racer out of a Yugo. Maybe it can be done, but it ain't the way to go. I recommend you trade the Llama off and upgrade. It will be a lot cheaper in the long run.


August 14, 2000, 07:53 PM
Hey Old Hawk,
I own a Llama just like the one in the picture. I have already been down the road that you are turning on. Coming from someone who has been there done that all I have to say is that the LLama is a good solid plinking gun. But I have to agree with the "trying to make a NASCAR out of a yugo" you get what you pay for. Tkae it to the range shoot the heck out of it.

old hawk
August 19, 2000, 07:59 AM
welp shes a keeper so far,nice tite groups,one ragged hole at 33 ft.less than2 inches and i did find out its a model iv-b series,just got the manual and some parts places for it so i think im just going to do a link/sear/diconnector job for now,maybe a new full lentgh adj.guide too.here are the numbers for parts for those who have a llama,i know it aint as well built as my old govt model was but nonetheless,this yugo(lol)
is now my carry piece.she ate all the reloads,hollowpoints,swc's and various hardball with out one sqwauk period or a have a jam.im impressed with this piece being what it is.i still dont care for the rounded over feed lip in the chamber but i can also understand why they did it now as well.
anyhow here are some parts places to get any if in the event you need them,also gun parts corp. has some iv stuff too.
bolsa gunsmithing westminster cal. 1-714-894-9100 talk to fred borders,
walker arms co. selma alabama 1 205-872-6231
for service,for parts 1 205-875-8056.

hope this helped....many thanx for the posts!

August 20, 2000, 09:58 PM
Don't you think your like is worth more than a couple of hundred dollars?

old hawk
August 21, 2000, 07:58 AM
to put it lightly and mildly yeah its worth 201$ and after 1500 rounds in the last few days not one jam yet using swc's hardballs or glasers,my old govt. model wouldnt do that even after sinking many $$$ and a new barrel and a chamber ramp etc. into it,the 70 jammed up every other 6th rd. or so irregardless of mags or loads and it hated reloads as well.im still impressed with the llama and its now one of my main carry pieces after really putting thru the barrage of tests ie: firing upside down sideways,rapid fire ,slow fire etc,the works it hasnt failed.i also keep in mind that production weapons can be a lemon or a golden goose as far as reliability goes off the line too,so i can see that some may have been gotten bit by the lemon bug hence the fact which brings to light the downplay on the llama as well as other firearms.when i got my nib 70 sreies colt,same thing,bad piece,i managed to get it functioning and accurate even more so but as far as reliabilty goes the llama has the leading edge over it.both grouped the same off a sandbag so no question over accuracy theyre altho both had been recrowned to get that way too as well as the new barrel in the colt to tighten up the groups,again.and to boot yep on used firearms its a crap shoot but at least you know what your up against vs the new whats wrong with it deal on a new firearm sometimes,like i said i cant complain about what i paid for it.the colt? i gave that to a buddy by the way as a wedding gift,he sank another 300 into it,turns out that the frame ramp was cut wrong at the factory causing the angle to be off just a minute bit causing the jams hence new frame and also he stuffed in a wilson barrel setup which resulted in a grouping one inch tighter than i get now,for poeple defense at 15 feet is it going to matter how many rounds you keep in one hole? dont think so.the llama proved itself a keeper to me and the rest of the crew at the range.............