View Full Version : improving sights on VZ24 mauser

August 20, 2000, 08:21 PM
George, I am suffering from a dead computer and am borrowing a friends.

The Rebarrelled VZ24 is behaving quite nicely and producing all hits withing a 5" bull offhand at 100 yards...but it's also 5" too far to the right and 5" High.

5" HIGH I can deal with becuase the iron sights start at 300 yards, but "tinking" the front sight to the right (1/8") produces a real strange sight picture with the protective wings on each side of the front sight. T

he TINY notch in the rear sight makes sight acquisition difficult enough, but when the blade is way over near the right wing it makes sight picture formation a real excerise.

With my poor vision, i'm thinking a a reflex sight retrofit onto the rear sight base. Whattays think?

George Stringer
August 21, 2000, 06:52 AM
Joe, Williams guide makes a nice rear that replaces the leaf on the Mauser. You just drive out the pin, change the sights and replace the pin. They come in both open and peep sight configurations and are adjustable. If you want one just e-mail me. George