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February 21, 2006, 09:30 PM
What kind of stances do y'all use at the range?

Most people I see at the range only practice the simple isosceles stance with both hands from 5-10 yards.

I typically use the one handed dueling stance, the fast draw crouching with my hand over the heart, the Weaver stance every now and then, and recently I have picked up a few shooting stance that Chic Gaylord recommended in his book. The _Barricade Around Corner Stance_, _Rock the Baby_ and the _Border Patrol_ stance.

The latter two (RtB and BP)I have found very interesting (and they seem to work quite well too). RtB seems to work well when you are picking off a careful shot in SA. You postion arms in a cradle hold with your right hand holding your gun resting on your left arm.

Border Patrol seems like a good tactical stance and works well for DA and SA. You are kneeling down (low to the ground, and reducing yourself as a target) and are using your knee and the palm of your left hand as your gun stand to support your shot. You are essentially making your whole body a gun tripod of a sort. I try all of these methods at 20-25 yards away at least (would do 50 if I could but the indoor range I go to isn't that far) about 75% of the time

Does anyone else use any other sort of stance aside from the Weaver, Isosceles and Duel stances? If so, what are they and how do they work for you?

For illustrations of each of these stances see pictures below:

Rock The Baby

Barricade around corner

Border Patrol

Chris Cullen
February 22, 2006, 01:52 AM
I use the isosceles stance. Mainly because it functions best with my left eye dominance. Shooting in the weaver stance only allows me to aim through my right eye, which for me is unaccurate.

Single handed - my technique always attracts attention for some reason. Granted the fact that I have not seen too many other people use it, but I find its suited for the isosceles position.

In the isosceles position stance, hold the firearm in your master hand (for me its my right hand). Take your non master hand and place it across your chest and hold onto your master hand shoulder, pulling downwards on the shoulder. Arm fully out stretched - I aim at the target using my left eye and I rotate the whole pistol to the left using my whole arm to a 45 degree angle from upright. If I was not to do the rotation, my wrist is bent trying to allign the my eyesight through the pistol sight at the target. With the rotation, I have sight allignment, more strength in my arm position without a bent wrist, and I'm still in the isosceles position.

This whole technique works for both hands. Just reverse the procedure.

If anyone is still confused let me know and I'll try and attempt to photograph myself in this position. However, I'm sure somewhere on the internet there is a photo of this technique (whatever it is called??) People at the range that have seen me shooting like this call it a "gangster" style as a joke. I don't think so.

Chris Cullen

February 22, 2006, 03:19 AM
I only use Weaver, because that is the stance I was trained in.
As an ex LEO, it affords you several options.
It keeps the weapon to the strong side, away from the enemy,puts you in profile(side ways, smaller target),and you can use other techniques(baton, hand to hand if necessary) from the same base.
also I find it fits best for me.

Hope this helps,


February 22, 2006, 03:26 AM
I shoot right handed, but left eye dominant. However, for me the Isocolese does not work well. I get better results with the Weaver.

Denny Hansen
February 22, 2006, 11:51 AM
An attempt to reopen a thread that was closed...

While I have never heard of Rock the Baby, this appears to be a target shooting stance.

The other two photos are positions, not stances.