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Jack M
August 14, 2000, 11:04 AM
Picked up a Universal version of the M1 carbine. Good little rifle, but the magazines do not seat well unless you really press them in and make triple sure they have locked in place. It seems like it is the mag catch itself, but it is hard to tell. Is this a common problem? Are the associated parts interchangable from diferent manufacturers?

Bottom Gun
August 14, 2000, 11:56 AM
It's my understanding that the Universal Carbine parts are not interchangeable with GI parts.

James K
August 14, 2000, 03:59 PM
Some Universal parts will interchange with GI parts (they are GI parts) but the later guns have a cast aluminum trigger housing that is not very high quality. You can probably get the mag catch to work by removing it and trimming a little off the front lugs with a Dremel tool. Note word "little".


August 14, 2000, 07:09 PM
I've never actually worked on a Universal, but someone once told me that things like the mag release was replacable with stock GI, you may want to check into the M2 mag release, works well in my carbines.

August 14, 2000, 07:55 PM
Sounds to me like all you have to do is remove a very little off the top of the mag lock system on yours.Take a couple of thausands off at a time till it locks in without slaming it hard.Make sure you study the system so you know how it works before you do anything

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Jack M
August 15, 2000, 02:17 PM
Thanks for the info. I picked up an old military armorer's manual at a used bookstore, I'll study up a little and try a little "do it myself".