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August 10, 2000, 08:34 AM
Has anyone used the "Adams and Bennet" .920" barrels now being sold by Midway? I would consider the purchase, however I'm not familiar with the name and wondered how they stacked up against Lilja,Shilen and the real premium barrel makers. Has anyone installed and shot one of these? How was accuracy compared to the stock barrel? If better, did you notice any ammo preferences?

August 10, 2000, 01:07 PM
I bought Midway's "Combo Package" consisting of an Adams & Bennett barrel and a Fajen Thumbhole Silhouette stock for $166 a while back, mainly because the stock alone was $120 when it was reintroduced, making the barrel a pretty good deal ;). I got the 18 inch blue barrel, and although I haven't had time to get the Holosight dialed in, have had pretty good results. At 25 meters, shooting offhand with a nasty crosswind (and newly mending connective tissue in my left shoulder- not helpful!), using Federal American Eagle AE22 38 gr. Copper Plated High Velocity Hollow Points (the cheap stuff), the gun was keeping everything inside 1 to 2 inches the first time out. When I get things zeroed in from a bench, I think this barrel will prove much more accurate than I needed it to be! Heck, I just wanted to build a sleek-looking plinker (fitted, glass smooth rubbed-oil finished stock, High- Polish blue barrel, Bushnell Holosight, etc., etc.), and didn't even bed the barrel. The gun is completely reliable with every round I've tried, even with the Bentz-Style match chamber. The final machining, and finish are excellent, as is the reciever to barrel fit. I'm definately happy with my particular A&B barrel. For the money, I think it's probably the best out there.

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