View Full Version : Question for George and any other smiths...

August 4, 2000, 08:33 AM
Ive asked this at the 1911 forum, but Id like to ask George and any other smiths here also.

What type and size of milling/boring/turning equipment do you guys have, and do you think that one of those 3 in one China/Korea/Tiawan machines has the grunt and quality for basic gun work...



old hawk
August 4, 2000, 09:42 AM
i used to have brown and sharp,bridgeport etc equip, the machine is good as its tolerances can allow........

George Stringer
August 5, 2000, 08:44 AM
westcangunner, I have a pre-war (not sure which war) Reed-Prentice 18"x48" lathe and an Enco (read Chinese) 100-1525 horizontal mill. The Enco cuts as accurately as any milling machine I've ever used. But I hear bad things about Grizzlys and if you like I'll send you an article about the Smithy 3 in 1 that isn't very encouraging. For the price, if you shop carefully you can get a nice lathe and milling machine. I got my lathe from a local machine shop for $820 delivered. The milling machine I got at www.machinetoolsauctions.com. (http://www.machinetoolsauctions.com.) I paid $781 for the mill and, this is the part that hurts, $620 to have it shipped from New Jersey. George