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August 2, 2000, 04:23 PM
Does anyone have any experience with electroplating kits on handguns? I've seen ads for Texas Plating Supply and also found caswellplating.com today on the net. Caswell's has a nickel electroplating kit for $28. It comes with a power supply and all the goodies. I'd like to do the slide on my Springfield 1911 if this plating has good durability/aesthetics.

August 3, 2000, 12:59 AM
I used Texas Platers kits to do gold plating for some time and loved it. The results were great. Then for unknown reasons it would not work right for me. I phoned the owner and he suggested the chemicals may have became contaminated. (A very nice man by the way.) I ordered more and still could not get the process to work for me again. It may have been the transformer I was using. I haven't had anything that needed plating since then but will be starting a new project the first of the year and plan to try it again with new chemicals and a new transformer. Considering the price of a transformer and the cost of the chemicals I would recommend it. The owner is very patient on the phone and will lend good support as you learn the process.