View Full Version : Glass Bead finish touchup

k in AR
August 2, 2000, 12:53 PM
Anyone know of a way to touch up a small shiny place on a Stainless Steel gun that has the matt Glass Bead finish. 100% match is not necessary, but I would like it to be close.

No one in my area has such services & with the UPS mess I hate to ship any firearm, esp a good one!

Thanks, k

August 2, 2000, 01:53 PM
The only way I'm aware of is to actually re-blast the affected area. Then, depending on the media(grit) used, it MAY even turn a different texture or shade of color. It's best to re-do the whole gun, or learn to live with the 'spot' in question. :)

Jon K
August 2, 2000, 08:18 PM
Take some fine grit sandpaper and a piece of scrap metal. With a hammer lightly tap on the sandpaper with the grit against the metal.Try verious grits until you find the one that best matches the matt finish on your firearm, than use it on the bright spot. It will not be perfect but will work until you can have your firearm re-blasted.
John K