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February 16, 2006, 03:39 PM
This years Sportsmans Team Challenge (STC) is coming up. If you haven't shot in it before, it's a blast. A combination of pistol (both .22 and centerfire), rifle (.22) and shotgun (12ga or smaller), with 2 or 3 person teams.

The quick description of the courses:

Handgun: a .22 and 2 centerfires, 48 targets from 7-35yards (mostly 4" and 6" squares and circles)

Rifle: all 3 .22's, 46 targets from 40-90yards (1"x1" up to 7"x8")

Combo: a .22 pistol and 2 .22 rifles, 50 targets from 25-80yards (10 - 4" targets and 40 - 5" targets)

Flush: 3 shotguns, similar to a 5-stand layout, except all team members shoot at once and you get 50 targets in approx 1 minute and a half (one target every second to a second and a half, or less).

Flurry: 3 shotguns (all at once again), 50 targets in approx 1 minute and a half (same as the flush), targets are thrown from traps about 35 yards in front of the shooters, almost directly toward and over the heads of the shooters

Mixed bag: 3 shotguns, shooters shoot 25 random doubles from 5-8 fixed angle traps (somewhat similar to a 5-stand layout) in succession (3 minute limit)

Here are the rules and event descriptions from last years match (I'm pretty sure they haven't changed much over the last few years): http://www.sportsmansteamchallenge.com/dwnlods/rules2005.html

Anyways, the first regional is here in San Antonio on March 11 and 12 at the Shooting Complex. There are some other regionals (most aren't listed on the STC schedule though), then the Nationals are June 9-11, also here at the Shooting Complex.

If you've never shot it or seen it before, it's a lot of fun. The flurry especially is a blast and incredibly overwhelming the first time you're out there and are watching the targets flying over your head :eek: :)