View Full Version : Shorten the 4" 500 Magnum?

February 16, 2006, 11:51 AM
I am looking for advise on removing the compensator from my 4" S&W .500 Magnum, cutting the barrel to just behind the comp. & recrowning the muzzle.

Pros (from what I have read)
Less flash
Less report
Not much change in felt recoil

Have to completely rework front sight
Would the recessed area (the underlug?) that protects the ejector rod have an open end at the muzzle?

Does anybody have picts of a S&W 500 Mag with a similar modification?

I love the gun in it's present form, but I just can't get the thought of this change out of my head.:confused:

Any opinions?

Harry Bonar
February 16, 2006, 09:10 PM
Dear Sir:
I'm not very familiar with the X-Frame 500 Smith; but, I believe that the compensator may (?) be part ofthe barrel nut that secures the"tensioned" bbl' on this handgun,
My personal advice is to NOT shorten that bbl! Yes,Iagree with you-the longer the bbl on these monsters the greater felt recoil is - there is more barrel time!
However, you will find some so-called smith that will undertake the job and you might just end up with a terrible revolver.
I'm not trying to be snottish - just giving you my opinion.

If, you are using this for protection from bear during a fishing trip you'll need all the velocity you can get and revolvers are sensitive to bbl, gap and length.
The nicest gun I've seen is the Ruger Super Redhawk with that bbl just cut off 1/2 inch in front of that frame and a nice milled front on the front of frame!
I probably haven't helped.
Harry B.

February 16, 2006, 09:30 PM

I appreciate the input.

I'm not sure about the barrel-nut question that you brought up, but I will check that out. That darn nut seems to loosen up fairly quiclky. . . whoda' thought it with that much recoil!

There may be somebody out there who has cut their compensator or decided against it or knows of someone that has.