View Full Version : cz 100 trigger

July 22, 2000, 10:31 PM
Recently bought the gun... Love the feel, looks, weight, balance... but the trigger pull is to hard and too long, darn it. Anyone had success adjusting either weight or length of pull? Will this be difficult or expensive? Thanks!

George Stringer
July 23, 2000, 09:48 AM
John, the weight can be reduced and the pull smoothed up but you're pretty much stuck with the length of pull. I think Cylinder & Slide were shortening the pull length on S&W DA autos but it's a pretty expensive proposition. A trigger job on a DA auto in my shop is $65.00. Shortening the pull length would involve fabricating a new trigger drive train and would probably be up around the $200 -$250 range. I don't do that so it's just a guess on my part. George

July 24, 2000, 05:00 PM
George! You sound as though you may have some experience with this gun. I posted a few weeks ago on instructions for detailed disassembly so that I could smooth up the trigger on mine. Can you help? BTW, I do concur with your above assessment. Thanks, Vic

George Stringer
July 25, 2000, 07:07 AM
Vic, I don't have anything on this one. Sorry. George

July 25, 2000, 06:49 PM
Thanks anyway, George. john: FWIW, I've dry fired mine hundreds of times with a Pachmayr snap-cap in place, and I've shot several hundred rounds through it. It HAS smoothed up considerably with that effort. Hope it works for you. VL

July 25, 2000, 07:35 PM
Victor, thanks for the encouragement... I am sure that we bought a gun of similar quality to the much touted CZ75B, or at least I hope, because that's what drew me to it. That and its ergonomics. I will be dry firing it a lot over the next few weeks, and I will keep an eye out for any posts from you.. John