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July 22, 2000, 01:33 AM
A friend of mine recently went out of the gunsmith field, and rather than haul his stuff away, he gave much of it to me. I now am the reluctant owner of a huge set of bluing tanks. They've got LP gas burners suspended under a rack, and 3 large tanks and one smaller tank on a seperate rack. I tried to rid myself of them by selling them, but it is hard to find anyone who can use them, as most gunsmiths already have tanks, and non-smiths don't really need one. I have decided to hang on to them for now and get one of those blackpowder kits and test them.
Is there anywhere I can get information on what chemicals to buy, and how to go about 'bluing' a gun? Maybe someone could describe for me the process. Thanks!

George Stringer
July 22, 2000, 08:08 AM
KJM, contact Brownells www.brownells.com (http://www.brownells.com) and ask for their bluing instructions. From that you'll be able to tell what you still need in order to use your tanks. George

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Jon K
July 23, 2000, 11:23 PM
The bluing is the easy part. Brownells has great instructions and there are many great tips in the brownells series of books "Gunsmithing Kinks". Between Brownells free instructions and the books you will have no trouble bluing. The hard part is the polishing. I say hard because it take a great deal of pratice to get really good at polishing. The bluing job is no better than the polishing job. Gunsmithing Kinks also has good instruction on polishing.
Don't let me head you off. The whole process is really a worthwhile endever.
Good Luck, John K