View Full Version : Browning Challenger 3 Feed Problem

July 23, 2000, 07:04 PM
I have a Challenger 3 that is having a loading problem. Perhaps you could steer me in an appropriate direction for resolving the problem. The problem is as follows:

When I load up a clip with ANY number of rounds, then insert the clip into the pistol, then release the slide the round does not load into the chamber. If any part at all chambers, its just a fraction of the bullet.

If, on the other hand, I load a round directly into the chamber by hand, then release the slide, THEN insert the clip, I can shoot just fine. All subsequent rounds will chamber correctly.

Thinking it was wear on the clip I tried a different clip. It has the same problem.

Any ideas?


George Stringer
July 23, 2000, 10:10 PM
Todd, that's one I'd have to look at. I recommend you take it to your local smith or if it's still under warranty, send it to Browning. George