View Full Version : bedding a rifle

July 16, 2000, 07:07 PM
am sure its an old question, but first time for me. have rem 700 vls (laminated wood stock). have adjusted trigger to reduce motion and spring force. have relieved wood under barrell so sheet of paper passes. now desire to bed the action. have brownells bedding kit. i think this is one of those jobs you get one chance at, so i'd like to do it right the first time. anything i should know? any existing past posts on the board that can be called up?

George Stringer
July 16, 2000, 10:56 PM
Shu, it's really pretty simple. I will hog out about 1/16" at the tang and from the recoil lug forward an inch or so. Then put two layers of electricians tape on the front and sides of the recoil lug as well as along the bottom of the barrel from about an inch in front of the recoil lug forward. Mix your bedding per instructions. Once the bbled action is in the stock and the guard screws are tight, turn the rifle upside down with the stock on top. Secure it in a padded vise and suspend a 3 to 4 pound weight from the muzzle. Let cure and you have a bedded, free floated rifle. George

July 17, 2000, 06:29 PM
excellent. thank you. appears we are working only with the front mount point (recoil lug?). had thought the bedding was to go all the way back to the rear mount point. did not have a good feeling about being able to protect all that metal from bonding to the bedding compound. i see no way to avoid dirtying the mount screws with bedding compound, which i fear would lock the threads in place. the pre-applied release agent will take care of this??

George Stringer
July 17, 2000, 07:42 PM
Shu, yes you do bed the tang as well. That's why you remove a little wood. The release agent will prevent the bedding from adhering to the screws... usually. Sometimes a little heat (heated tip of a screwdriver) must be applied to the screw to get them started out. George

July 18, 2000, 01:07 PM
much appreciated. i want to take my time on this and get it right. present circmustances we are living like gypsies trying to cover a large territory in the business. i miss having a shop to spread out in. i've got some furniture clamps around somewhere, should be able to improvise an inverted clamp.