View Full Version : How can i "funnel" the entrance of my Para's chamber?

Ruben Nasser
July 16, 2000, 08:03 PM
Hello, it's me again asking for your kind advice. I have a Para P 14-45 that shoots very well, but is giving me trouble feeding Lee's 230 LRN bullets. These bullets are pretty "blunt" for a RN, and after shooting about 50 rounds the chamber gets a bit dirty and the bullets start to hung up in the entrance of the chamber (this load is a bit "dirty", but I would like my gun to feed everything decently), with marks of hitting a sharp corner and sometimes a bit of shaving. Initially I thought the chamber was rough, but I checked it real carefully, even polish it a bit, and now I'm sure the problem is not the ramp or the chamber. Apparently the sides and top of the barrel entrance have edges that are a bit sharp, and this combines with the bullet profile/dirty ramp and chamber to produce the jams. I think I have to bevel/round just a little bit these internal edges, to make a "funnel" for the incoming bullet. Of course I want to remove as little metal as possible,can you please tell me how to do it? Excuse me for taking so much space, but I'll have to do it myself, because I can't find a gunsmith that I trust where I live. Thanks!!

George Stringer
July 16, 2000, 11:01 PM
Ruben, I wouldn't do that. The only way to correctly do what you are thinking of is to throat the barrel with a throating reamer. The only time I've had the problem you describe (and Lee cast bullets are all I shoot from my 45s) is with some cases that may have slightly thicker walls than others. The Lee factory crimp die is the solution I found. You can also run the loaded rounds back through the sizing die but the crimp die is easier and will cost you less than getting the barrel throated. George

Ruben Nasser
July 17, 2000, 10:22 AM
George, I'm sure it's not the cartridges, I've checked all of them in my chamber and they fitted perfectly. Besides, this problems only appears after firing about 50 rounds, and disappears for about 25 rounds if I clean the chamber with a bore snake. I think I have to remove just the sharp edges remaining on top and sides of the chamber's entrance, and unluckily there are no qualified gunsmiths around to do this job.
Can you please tell me your cartridge OAL with the Lee 230 gr. LRN bullets?

George Stringer
July 17, 2000, 01:24 PM
Ruben, I normally load mine to 1.215" OAL. You might check the barrel hood. That area does need to be chamfered at least enough to break the sharp edges. George