View Full Version : Buckmark puzzle

July 17, 2000, 06:54 AM
I have a problem with a Browning Buckmark 22: it always cycles enough to eject and load a new round, but only sometimes cocks. The cause isn't a lack of cleaning, and the problem is ammo sensitive to a degree. At the last trip to the range, Blazer ammo resulted in 100% failure to cock, except on the last round when the slide held open. Winchester ammo, however, resulted in a full cock about 65% of the time, and 35% failure (approximately). When the hammer is manually depressed, the trigger cocks every time. The buffer is worn out and needs replacement, but that should not cause the problem. I thought that the recoil spring weakened, but the hammer is depressed (and trigger cocked) on the rearward movement of the slide and the recoil spring drives the slide to battery again. The problem only began about a month ago (and prior to that time, I had no problems with Blazer or any other ammo), but trying to figure out the cause has me totally puzzled! Has anyone got any ideas on what to check out as a possible cause. Thanks in advance.

George Stringer
July 17, 2000, 07:22 AM
Swampy, my guess is that something is worn to the point where sear isn't engaging fully. This might be a weak or bent/out of position sear spring also. I'd send it to Browning or find a Browning service center. George