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dennie suman
July 11, 2000, 02:19 PM
I cannot get my P10.45 to shoot. I have put around 200 rounds through it since buying it used. Last week I tried a box of UMC 230gr. ball.This was an exercize in frustration.
First 5 rounds failed to extract, 2 rounds OK, then several failures to feed or failure to extract. After 3 mags like this, I quit. I have tried several types of ammo so far, with mostly similar results.
A fellow at the range said to try WinClean. He knew someone else that used this, and it worked fine. Haven't tried it yet in mine.
Is my P10 a useless case, or is there a secret to making it work?
Dennie, NRA Life Member,GOA

Badger Arms
July 11, 2000, 11:46 PM
The P10.45 is a reliable gun normally. The fact that you bought the gun used suggests some 'hack' gunsmithing might have been done to it. I would take it to a competent gunsmith who specializes in 1911's. There wasn't enough information in your post to tell what is wrong with it. A good cleaning normally solves half of all gun reliability problems so the advice you got was good. Did the previous owner EVER clean his gun? How many rounds did he fire through it? How many times did he dissasemble the gun and how heavy was the hammer he used to put it back together?

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