View Full Version : Steyr M40 Trigger Job

July 10, 2000, 10:37 PM

I posted this on the handgun forum but never quite got a definitive response - hopefully this board is more appropriate!

I am eyeing the Steyr M40 for my next purchase - I love everything about the gun since firing about 400 rounds through it on several occasions.

My only gripe is the trigger - it does not move at all until adequate pressure is applied - then it breaks VERY suddenly. This is throwing my accuracy - after that many rounds, I cant seem to get the hang of it.

Is it possible to modify the trigger so there is some lead to it? I'm not sure I'm wording this question correctly, but what I would like is for the trigger to have some travel during the squeeze, instead of just breaking suddenly.

If it's possible, I think this gun would be PERFECT for me. If not, I will unhappily have to pass, which is a bummer on an otherwise perfect pistol.

Any wisdom would be appreciated

George Stringer
July 11, 2000, 06:59 AM
Max, you would have to increase the sear engagement. I'd recommend you have this done by a smith. If you don't have anyone near you feel free to e-mail me. George