View Full Version : Help! S&W SW9E and preban hicap mags?

July 10, 2000, 07:14 PM
My friend got a Smith & Wesson SW9E Sigma. It came with two 10rd factory mags and he found two factory 17rd 9mm mags. Haven't tried or seen this for myself, however, he says that the hicap mags will not lock into the weapon. He says and I qoute,

"They won't "click" into place. The 10 round clips have a groove stamped into the side of the mags right under the 10 round marker. The high-caps have no groove. There
is a catch device on the opposite side of the grip (from the mag release button) that clicks into the groove to hold in the mags."
Has anyone heard of this? Its new to me.

James K
July 10, 2000, 09:19 PM
News to me. Could this be another S&W politically correct idea to prevent use of hi-cap mags in their civilian market guns?
Let us know the scoop as soon as you can check it out.


July 10, 2000, 10:03 PM
I will check out my friends mags and new S&W as soon as I can and will let you know what I can determine.