View Full Version : Where can I get a bigger lever action loop for my Marlin rifle?

July 4, 2000, 11:45 PM
I recently purchased a Marlin lever action rifle. Model 1895 .44 mag. I am having problems with the lever. My hands are big and they sometimes get a little stuck. I was hopeing to replace the lever with a bigger lever loop. Is this possible and where do I go to get one?

July 5, 2000, 12:55 AM
I started to respond to this before in General but was hoping someone with better info would have more to offer.
There is a copy (whose name excapes me) that offers a large loop for the Marlin's. However they are priced in the $150 range. I plan to build my own for considerably less.
But don't take my word for it. I am not certain of the price and it has been awhile since I saw the info on them. If no one here knows for sure you may want to ask over on www.sass.net (http://www.sass.net) . Go to SASS WIRE, the dicussion forum. I've "heard" several people talk about this the last few years.


July 5, 2000, 02:05 PM
wildwestguns.com has them for $135. However, they require installation by "an experienced gunsmith" (read more $).

I have a similar problem with my Marlin 1894 in .357 mag. My solution is to only use two fingers in the loop (ie middle finger and ring finger) keeping the pinky finger to the rear or underneath the lever. This keeps my fingers from binding when working the lever.

Hope this helps.

James K
July 7, 2000, 09:51 AM
I have not kept up with gunsmith prices, but I have reshaped and enlarged levers (quite a fad when "The Rifleman" was on TV). It is a fairly simple job and George should be able to tell you about how much it would cost today. That way, you could have exactly what you want and not something out of Hollywood.


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