View Full Version : Stevens 52/52A bolt re-assembly help

February 11, 2006, 06:27 PM
I've got a Stevens 52/52A single-shot, bolt action .22 rifle. My father-in-law pulled it out of the attic and it was in *desperate* need of a cleanup.

Using the diagram for the "REVISED LIST OF COMPONENT PARTS RIFLES NO. 52-A 53A-B 53" (found here http://savageparts.com/PDF/stevens_parts_catalog/48_166o.pdf) I was able to get the bolt disassembled.

My problem is in the re-assembly of the bolt: I'm having problems with the striker retaining pin (part 22), striker bushing (part 21) and the striker (part 20). The retaining pin is supposed to hold the bushing in place in the bolt body.

The catch is that the retaining pin seems to be held in place with the flange on the INSIDE of the bolt body.

I'm stumped. Anyone ever re-assembled one of these bolts?