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July 3, 2000, 07:53 PM
I purchased an H&R Model M12 Target .22 from the CMP. Although this rifle came with a receiver sight base, it had no sights. I have since purchased a Lyman model 90 MJT receiver sight for this rifle. The problem is the attachment screw for the Lyman sight is too small for the base on the rifle receiver (8-40 attachment screw, base appears to be 10-24 or 10-32). To solve this problem, I purchased a Williams 540 base, which works great for the Lyman sight, but the holes drilled in the receiver are too far apart (540 - .420" compared to receiver - .600"). My question is which of the Williams' sight base has the same hole pattern as that drilled in the receiver? I cannot find any info on the dimensions of Williams' sight bases on their web sight or any other web sight. I would just use a larger attachment screw, but as you know, the Lyman sights are dilled and tapped to prevent the screw from being lost, and in order to use a larger screw would require drilling the sight which will be a last resort.
I have also sent this question to Brownell's technical department, but have yet to receive a response. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.


George Stringer
July 4, 2000, 09:58 AM
Cris, your last resort would be my first option. Less expensive to adapt the Lyman than to buy another base. But the easiest way to get the answer you need would be to call Williams at 1-800-530-9028. George