View Full Version : Did a little smithin today *long*

July 1, 2000, 06:45 PM
While not being a huge AR15/M16 fan I have wound up with 6 1/2 of them. The last purchase was 2 flatop uppers and one Bushmaster lower. A few weeks ago I hung the
C MP 1 in 7 heavy 20" barrel on it and mounted a Russian 3x9x40 scope on it that I had picked up on a prior deal. I took the rig to the range and the trigger was awful and the best I could get my group was 2" low and 3" right but the group was around 1/2" with a few strays. "20 round group" I was impressed.
The scope bases had some windage adjustment but because of the elevation problem I put the rifle down. Today, I installed a Accuracy Speaks match trigger which was a fairly easy task. They say "drop in" in their ad but as usual this was not quite the case. Really, the only thing that had to be done was to take a little off the tail of the trigger to get the safety to engage. Once this small job was done I found myself with a very crisp 4 lb trigger. Don't know who did the upper but it must have had the regulation carry handle/sight base cut off and a sight rail screwed on that was not quite square. I removed the back three screws holding the base on and installed some shims and the scope zeros fine on the bore sighter. I can't wait to get back to the range! I'm thinking sub 1/2 MOA for under $1050 including the $125 trigger kit and I still have a 22" B MP 1 in 9 free floated upper that came with the deal!
Regards to all and have a safe holiday