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June 30, 2000, 04:43 AM
Hello! This is my first post to this forum and I am sorry if I dont know al lthe technical terms unique to armorers...

I have a USP45f that has had continual trigger problems consisting of a gritty, "catchy" double action pull. None of the NIB USP's that I have tried since notr the ancient range rentals have this problem.

I took it back to the place that I bought it from twice, and they said they took it appart and found no burrs or problems. They have gotten frustrated wit hthe problem and said they basically will jsut send it to HK if I give it back again.

Now, all I have heard about HK and dealign with their customer service is bad things. Plus I have been told that you are lucky if you see your pistol back for 2-3 months.

So dreading this, I decided to futz with it myself. I took apart the hammer assembly, carefully labeling parts and making suire not to scratch or damage them... and narrowed down what I think to be the problem. On the USP's (newer ones as mine is) there is a trigger lock that keeps the guiding rod that goes through the main-spring and attaches under the hammer itself from moving, hence freezing the gun from being fired.

Mine is ever so slightly warped. (maybe 1.5mm bow in the middle laid on a flat surface). on the side that warps out just a tiny bit there are three or four semi-circle grooves in the side of the piece that slots into the underside of the hammer itself. this seems to rub on the side of the hamemr slot and cause catching.

So what do I do? can I use a little hammer on a drill press surcafe and try and straighten it? can I use a dremel tool to try and polish out the scratches? Should I try and get this part directly from HK and just put in a new one? Should I deal with my service center any longer or just take the 30 mins to do it myself since I know how now and my confidence in their abilities is kinda shot?

After all... shouldnt they have been able to find this if they are a HK service center and this is a common problem with HK's? I mean... I am a layman here... and I found it. Am I being too critical?

Thanks for any help you can give me! :]


George Stringer
June 30, 2000, 07:24 AM
JT, you could try to straigten it IF you are sure you can replace it if it breaks. But I would try just polishing it first. If possible also polish the adjacent area of the frame where you think it is rubbing. I would prefer using a medium India stone followed by a hard Arkansas stone than a dremel but that's up to you. George