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June 26, 2000, 03:20 PM
I own a S&W Model 27-4 in .357 with a 8 3/8" brl. that I use for target shooting. I am going to install a Wolff reduced power kit with mainspring and rebound spring for a lighter trigger pull. I notice that Wolff also lists a heavy dury cylinder stop spring. Any advantage to using one of these? Seems that I read once that S&W went to a heaver spring in their Model 29 once but I don't remember the reason?

June 26, 2000, 05:25 PM
This is just a guess but I would say it locks up the cylinder faster.When the trigger hook releases the cylinder bolt the stronger spring would make the cylinder bolt move faster and decrease lock time,
My guess.

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George Stringer
June 26, 2000, 07:12 PM
Oldspeed, the reason S&W went to a stronger cylinder stop spring in the 29 was that the cylinder had a bad habit of bouncing and revolving backward when using heavy loads. You would actually end up dropping the hammer on the same primer twice. I've never known of a Model 27 experiencing this problem so it probably wouldn't help you. As a matter of fact it will work against the lighter pull you are trying to acheive. Lock time is the time it takes for the firing pin to strike the primer once the trigger is pulled. In the design of the S&W revolvers the cylinder stop won't effect lock time. George

June 28, 2000, 03:25 AM
Thanks for the input. It appears that a H.D. spring is only needed in a Model 29 firing .44 Mag.