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February 7, 2006, 06:40 PM
Does anyone here hunt Washington state? I remember a few years back they wouldnt let you hunt big game with a .357mag but I was just reviewing the 2005 hunting regs and they seem to have dropped the minimum caliber down for handguns. So this is cool. I included a handy conversion chart and wa hunting firearm regs below.
this is the conversion formula for ammo

1 inch = 1.00 Caliber = 25.4mm

Caliber x 25.4 = size in mm (Example: .45 caliber x 25.4 = 11.43 so .45 caliber = 11.43mm)

Metric designation / 25.4mm = size in Caliber (Example: 9mm / 25.4 = 0.35433 so 9mm = approximately .35 cal)

1. Modern Firearm Regulations
Rifles—Elk, deer, and bear may be
hunted with a minimum of 24 caliber
(6mm) centerfire. Cougar may be
hunted with 22 caliber centerfire rifle.
Rimfire rifles are not legal. Handguns
must have minimum barrel length of 4
inches per manufacturers specification,
and fire a minimum 24 caliber
centerfire cartridge.
Shotguns—Deer, bear, and cougar
may be hunted with 20 gauge to 10
gauge shotguns shooting slugs or #1
or larger buckshot. Other big game may
be hunted with a 10 or 12 gauge
shotgun using slugs.