View Full Version : Original finish for Enfield?

June 18, 2000, 08:33 PM
Greetings. I have a #4mk2 Enfield. When I
purchased it, I was unaware of the different
stock lengths. I ended up with the short
stock, which can be annoying when you're
6'. I've just received a new long buttstock
and hardware from Springfield Sporters.
Anybody know how I can approximate the
original stock finish? Is it linseed oil?
I don't mind sanding it down and putting a
few coats on it. The rest of the rifle is a
little rough, so the new stock doesn't have
to be a masterpiece. I just want it to more
or less match the other wood. If anybody has
any info about removing the buttstock, I'd
appreciate that as well. (Looks like a long
flat-blade screwdriver is indicated - 9 or



George Stringer
June 18, 2000, 09:09 PM
wry, these stocks were originally dipped in boiling linseed oil. This opened the pores of the wood and that's why surplus rifle stocks are normally oil soaked. Pure linseed oil will come closest to the original finish. George