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June 9, 2000, 09:50 AM
I just wanted to give a review of Actions by "T", here in Sugarland TX. I just took a pistol to Teddy Jacobsen of Actions by "T". It is a stock Beretta 92FS. I took it to him for some trigger work, as the double action pull was very stiff at 15 1/2 lbs., and it stacked some. Well, 10 days later, I have my Beretta back with a VERY smooth 9lb DA trigger, and a crisp 4lb SA pull. Teddy completely cleaned and lubed the gun at no extra charge, polished the breach face to a mirror shine, and even put some bright orange paint on the front sight for me. His prices are very reasonable, and he knows his stuff! I will certainly do business with him again. He also was very friendly, answered my questions, and showed me numerous examples of his work, including Glocks, Berettas, 1911s, and revolvers. All triggers were excellent, including the Glock.
Teddy works on hundreds of pistols and revolvers, and has worked on more than 6000 1911's. He specializes in actions and trigger work, and has 20 years experience. Visit his website for more information www.actionsbyt.com (http://www.actionsbyt.com)

I just wanted to pass this along, because I have been burned by gunsmiths in the past, and I really hesitated before giving Teddy a try. I am 100% satisfied, and will be taking Teddy a revolver for a trigger job soon.

June 9, 2000, 10:07 PM
I have a 1911 that Teddy worked over about three years and thousands of rounds ago and I have also been nothing but satisfied. He is the most honest craftsman I've ever met in any dicipline to the point that you better be ready for an answer you may not like. He works on many LEO weapons in the Houston area and is highly respected in these parts. Can't say enough about this guy. Truly one of a kind. BTW, he gives a life time guaranty on his work.

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June 9, 2000, 11:38 PM
I am another sastified customer of Teddy Jacobsons. He did some really nice work on a SW 4013TSW for me about a year or so back. Excellent workmanship, fair prices and a great man to do business with.