View Full Version : Any opinions on Brycoat finish?

David Blinder
June 2, 2000, 07:15 AM
There's a company in FL www.brycoat.com (http://www.brycoat.com) that claims they can apply a titanium nitide coating with a black finish to any metal including aluminum. They have a low temperature vat that doesn't require the extreme temps that would effect alloy's adversely. They say this coating has a hardness greater than hardchrome (Rockwell of C-90). I have a lightweight commander that I'd like to try it on but I'm hestitant about being a guinea pig. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on this?

June 5, 2000, 06:12 AM
The concept sounds interesting, although I wonder about the price. I have some drill bits coated in TiN, and they cut like the devil. Did I miss something about the color, tho? This is in their FAQ:

"What colors are available from these coatings?

BryCoat applies pure coatings. No additive is used to color the coatings. TiN looks similar to gold or polished brass. TiCN is a gray color. TiAlN is brownish. CrN looks like chrome."

Sure wouldn't want to look the BG in a bad James Bond movie...