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May 31, 2000, 04:55 PM
For a lot of reasons, I am concerned about the longevity of the mags for my Sig P226. Brownells now sells KG Gunkote in an aerosol can (Brownells is only carrying matte black in the aerosol. I really like the matte stainless steel, and I can get the it in pints, but then you need to apply it with an airbrush, and that is getting into too much trouble for me.), so I've decided I'm going to do some GunKote-in'.

My first Gunkote guinea pig will be one of my USGI mags for my AR-15 (how can you screw
one of them up?). Once I get the process down, it will be on to my Rem Nylon 66 (which can really use it. It has gotten a bit pitted and scratched in places, and this is just the thing to rejuvenate it.), and then onto the mags for my Sig (springs and followers out, although KGI says you can and should do springs). By the time I get to the Sig mags, I should have the process down. Long term corrosion resistance and reduced friction, and cheap and relatively easy.

Here's my only quandary: the first mags for my Sig I want to do are my hi-cap Ramlines (17 rounds, and before you start screaming, I have 5 of these and I really like them.) because the bluing is most pitted on those. The only problem is that I cannot fully dissemble it like I can with a conventional mag (they have the "constant force spring-thingy"), so I can only shoot the outside, and--most importantly--I can't get the follower out. Only shooting the outside is OK, that's where the corrosion is, but I worry about "melting" the nylon/plastic/who knows follower when I bake the mag in the oven for an hour at 300 deg. How long does one cook a follower before it's done?

According to KG Industries and a number of gunshops, the temp is far to low to affect the temper of the metal, but what about the follower? You'd think a follower would be the "non-melting" kind of nylon/plastic, but I don't want to trash a mag to find out. Maybe they will get "de-rusted" (RB-17) and cold reblued. Can't afford to trash perfectly good mags.

Anybody with GunKote experience care to venture an opinion? Heck, ANYBODY want to venture an opinion?



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May 31, 2000, 07:26 PM
Maybe call ramline and get the melting point of the plastic?

Juan Hunt Greer
May 31, 2000, 10:08 PM
I used quite a bit of gun-kote a few years back. the stuff seems to work pretty well. I would NOT do a mag with a plastic follower installed! A few other points: the stuff does build up significantly, and will affect clearances, if you go too far, though, all it takes is a little bit of very fine sandpaper to take it back. also, while I found that it seemed to give an incredibly flat black, anything hard rubbing it instantly brought that point to slate gray, so I would just rub the whole thing to gray. Always wished I could keep the sights that black, though. Who knows, maybe they've improved that aspect since I used it. Be sure to give us a post on how it turns out.
Thanx, crankshaft

George Stringer
May 31, 2000, 10:35 PM
Scott, having seen the results of a home teflon job where the plastic/nylon parts were left in the gun, I have to agree with Juan. One of my customers bought some teflon and proceeded to melt his trigger and a couple of other parts in a Hi-Point pistol. If you can't get the innards out, I'd consider another finish. George

June 1, 2000, 05:36 AM
Ouch! That's what I was afraid of. Sounds like the Ramline mags get a little Birchwood Casey Perma-Blue. I'll let you know how the other stuff comes out.



Joe Portale
June 2, 2000, 11:34 PM
We have a guy here in Tucson that does GunKote. He is very reasonable at about $80 for a semiauto pistol. I don't have his web page handy, I think it is www.shootiniron.com (http://www.shootiniron.com) or just do a Yahoo search for Mac's GunKote.

I have had two guns done by him and am very pleased with the results. The finish is mat but he can do colors. Check him out, he is a really good guy and does the job reasonble.

Just for the record, the magazine needs to get disassembled before cooking it in the oven, so the pastic follower will never see the heat.

Joe Portale
Tucson, Arizona Territory

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end up plowing the fields of those who didn't"
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June 3, 2000, 05:30 PM
I have seen Mac's website, and I like what I see. He's going to get my Ruger MkI to refinish.

I have decided against trying the Gunkote on my Ramline mags since I can't get the follower out. The rest of my mags will get GK'd once they're broken down.