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February 5, 2006, 09:27 AM
I'm going to try to make this short without going into too much detail. I work night time security at a car dealer. I have an armed guard card so I do carry a firearm which happens to be my Glock 23.
While patrolling the dealership lot, I saw two suspects trying to steal a tire off a truck and while attempting to stop them, one of them made a movement towards me like he had a gun himself. Without hesitation, I took cover behind another vehicle in the lot and unholstered my Glock. The two suspects ran off jumping a fence into a pick-up truck that was parked where I couldn't see enough of it to get a good description and a plate number. The police were called and I gave them any information I could and they went off to patrol the area for the suspects.

I'm still a little shaken right now. At that moment, I thought I would be getting into a real gun fight. I could hardly catch my breath to talk to the police.
Though the incident did make me very nervous, I found that I controlled myself very well. My movement to unholster my Glock and take cover was instantaneous. I did not start firing my weapon like a madman because I thought the suspect may of had a weapon, but took cover to better evaluate the situation( and to protect my ass) and the motive of the suspects before I felt I needed to fire my weapon at them.
As the two suspects ran off like the wind, it may now been that none of them were armed after all and possibly saw that I had a weapon and that is why they decided not to take me on- two unarmed suspects versus one armed security guard.
It would of been a terrible situation of it turned into a gun fight. It would been even more terrible if I started shooting and killed some unarmed thieves for trying to steal a tire.

February 5, 2006, 09:37 AM
Glad you didn't have to fire that weapon. Sounds like if the situation escalated, you would have had the distinct advantage of cover and an already drawn weapon. Good job on keeping that trigger finger cool!

February 5, 2006, 09:50 AM
Just a question. Do you have to file a report with the local police department? or just for the dealer's knowledge?

February 5, 2006, 10:23 AM
Glad you are well. Just as glad you did not kill some folks over a tire. Sounds like you were on top of things. It does get the ole adrenalin flowing though, don't it?

February 5, 2006, 10:49 AM
Speaking from experience, you did the right thing by evaluating the threat and getting your butt behind cover. I work 3rd shift PD in a mid-size city, and have been in some crazy scenarios. A couple things that always help keep me sharp:
*always play scenarios out in your head
*always know what cover is available
*when you encounter someone, in your mind, treat them with the caution that the crime they are committing will be the one to violate their parole and send them back to prison for 10 years...ie= the only thing between them and their freedom is you

And most important on night shift...get yourself some bright-ass flashlights. I catch crap from everyone, but I carry a Stinger on my belt and an Ultra-Stinger in my hand whenever I get out of the cruiser. Also keep a full size Mag Lite, and spare bulbs and chargers for the Stingers. Seems like overkill, but these are extremely important.

Good job and stay safe.

February 5, 2006, 01:47 PM
Just a question. Do you have to file a report with the local police department? or just for the dealer's knowledge?

I definately had to file a report for the dealer, but since there was no damage done, anything missing or no one injured the police did not need to file a report for themselves and I didn't need one from them. They did ask me if I needed them to make a report for which I told them they didn't need to.

February 5, 2006, 03:05 PM
Dust Devil, sounds like you did quite well. That you were able to act subconsciously while developing a plan and setting triggers/safeties speaks volumes about you.
I'm sure your employer is very happy to have you on the team.

February 5, 2006, 11:19 PM
Sounds like a good evaluation of the situation on your part. I bet the employer is pretty pleased to have you on the job.

February 6, 2006, 04:27 PM
Good job keeping your booger finger off the bang switch! Lucky for those BG's.

February 6, 2006, 07:14 PM
Glad things turned out for the best. When people ask me why I carry a gun, its scenarios like this that prove the point.

February 7, 2006, 03:33 PM
You did good. No one got hurt...especially you. :cool: We had a security guard in my town killed a couple of years back. It was some kind of construction site; someone bashed his skull in from behind and no arrest so far. Be safe.

February 7, 2006, 03:49 PM
+1 for the bright ass flashlight. if they stayed there would you have been able to tell what was in thier hands

February 7, 2006, 03:57 PM
good that you stayed calm and collected

February 7, 2006, 04:22 PM
Alls well that ends well. Good job Dust Devil:)