View Full Version : Alternative for 7mm Mauser.....Rechambering?

Ruger guy
June 1, 2000, 06:29 AM
I was just thinking that it may be a good idea to consider re-chambering the 7mm mausers to a more popular round for the future. They're relatively expensive to use and the ammo is getting harder to find. Also, I would like to create some consistancy in the future. I've heard of people going to .223 and many other combinations of "deer rifle cartridges". The other that I thought would be good is .308, which to me sounds more useful and available. Plus I'd just like to have a .308. Might be worth thinking about for the 8mm mausers later when the ammo supply finally depletes. (In about 10,000 years?) :) As far as the 7mm goes, I don't mind boring the barrels and installing liners. That's an area that I've been wanting to get into anyway. Also, does anything need to be done to the bolt or magazine box when a change is made?


George Stringer
June 1, 2000, 07:15 AM
Ruger Guy, it really depends on which Mauser you have. If you have a 93 or 95 for instance you would want to stay in the 7mm pressure range. If it's a 98 then the options are only limited by your pocketbook. I have a pretty good deal on a 98 Mauser in .308. If you'll e-mail me with what you have I'll give you a quote on rechambering/rebarreling yours or trading for one I have on hand. George