View Full Version : Colt 1911 ejectors

May 26, 2000, 12:00 PM
I've been working on a couple of Colt 1911s and notice that the ejectors on these (an Officers and a Commander) are weird. They look like Colt slimmed them down on one side and then reinforced them on the other. I dropped an Ed Brown ejector into one and it fits and functions just fine. Anybody have any input on what Colt had in mind with these things? Thanks and stay safe.

Daniel Watters
May 27, 2000, 12:05 AM
The ejectors for the Officers ACP, Commander, and non-.45 Government Models have the same side to side profile like you describe. I can understand the difference in width for the non-.45 ACP ejectors...to hit the smaller 9x19mm and .38 Supercase heads. Perhaps Colt put them on the Commanders and later the OACPs to discourage people from swapping their frames and slides with the Goverment Models.

May 27, 2000, 12:22 PM
D.Watters: Maybe so on the swap out as one of the things I was doing was putting a new Colt Govt length slide on a commander frame. I had leftovers from other projects and thought I'd tinker around some. As I mentioned, the EdBrown ejector is working just fine and the strange looking gap in the dust cover lengths doesn't seem to have any functional effect at all. I did install a full length recoil spring guide rod into this creature just to insure no kinking. I'm having fun here. Thanks for the reply.

May 29, 2000, 03:04 AM
Series 70 and series 80 might be different.