View Full Version : CMP ammo question.

February 4, 2006, 04:24 PM
Well, two questions actually.

- Do you have to be CMP qualified to buy ammo from them? I have yet to get the dang certification to buy the rifles, but I'd sure like a nice supply of 30-06.

- I'm confused by the comment they make on the website regarding ammo deliverability. They say "*AMMO CANNOT BE HELD AT FEDEX LOCATION (PER REGULATIONS) OR LEFT AT FRONT DOOR - AMMO MUST BE SIGNED FOR* What exactly does this mean? If I'm not there (likely, during the day) does this mean they immediately ship it back to the CMP? That is - they wouldn't at least hold it a day or two for me to pick it up? Seems to me anyone who works has an exceedingly small chance of being home for the average Fedex delivery.

- Oops, one more while I'm at it. Some places are finnicky about selling to Illinois people without a copy of a FOID. Anyone know if CMP requires one of these?