View Full Version : Predator hunting in vA.

Jonathan Yowell
February 4, 2006, 01:55 AM
Trying to get into predator hunting with my son here in Va. What types of calls are any of you guys using that would be effective around eastern Va. Is there a web site that I could get some useable info from. (I.E.) What typrs of calls, what time of day and so on. Thanks for the help!!

Art Eatman
February 4, 2006, 02:43 PM
For calls, start with the common prey animals. If you have cottontail rabbits, on of those works just fine on coyote and bobcat. To some extent a coon might come in, and even the occasional hawk.

As long as it sounds, basically, like a hur rabbit, brand name doesn't matter. I happen to mostly use an old Olt call I got some 40 years ago.

If you use a baby boom-box, a Burnham Brothers tape works well.

Coyotes firxst come straight in toward a call, and then circle for the final approach into the wind. You have to consider this when you pick your spot.

My theory about movement is that when there's a lot of moon, predators gotta work harder for a meal, so they start before dark and are maybe still at it after first light. I like late evening, from right at sundown on toward full dark. During the dark of the moon, 10PM seems like it's a good time.

Don't use a real strong light. And, hold/aim it so the lower edge of the light sweeps the ground and lights up the eyes. If I see eyes, I might even swap to a 2-cell flashlight as the coyotes comes on in.

Start out fairly loud for ten or fifteen seconds, and then back down on the volume. If you see eyes, call softly.

Lots of times, I'll put a chair in the bed of my pickup and just park and sit. I'll wait a few minutes before calling. The main thing, then, is don't make any metallic noises. If ya gotta talk at all, do it very softly. The hiss of a whisper carries farther than folks think.

Do a search on my name + coyote; I've babbled about this before, here. :)