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May 23, 2000, 10:04 AM
what is the bore guide and how do I use it on my Bushmaster Shorty Ak? Is it that cone shaped thing on my cleaning rod? If anyone reads the instruction manual, it says to not use the T handle and place the threaded end into the breech and let it come out through the muzzle. then attach the T handle to the threaded end coming out of the muzzle and pull. Which step would the bore guide be used in?

May 23, 2000, 04:43 PM
The bore guide is indeed the "cone-shaped thing" and it helps to center the cleaning rod in the bore, preventing friction. Minute particles of copper, lead and other crud can attach to the cleaning rod and abrade the bore surface and muzzle, affecting accuracy. On your Bushmaster, I suggest you push the cleaning jag or bronze brush through the bore from the breech, and the little rod guide slips into the chamber.

Some advocate not pulling back through, cleaning only in the direction of the bullet path. I've always cleaned my bores in both directions with no ill effects. Just be careful with the muzzle and wipe the surface of the cleaning rod often.



Rainbow Six
May 24, 2000, 08:39 AM
I clean in both directions also, but I'd suggest making two good soaking wet patch passes in one direction first to push out any abrasive fouling before you start the push pull routine.

Just a suggestion, FWIW.

The Glock freak formerly known as Chris...

May 24, 2000, 11:43 PM
For what it is worth here is my advice. Do yourself and your rifle a favor and invest in a Otis cleaning kit. It is the best 15 bucks you can spend on your rifle. There is a old saying that more barrels are ruined by impropery cleaning than shooting them out and after watching most people clean their guns I have to agree. I am amazed how many rifles I see that have barrels are ruined at either the the throat( where the rifling starts just in front of the chamber) or the muzzle from a cleaning rod that has rubbed back and forth to the point of scrathing and wearing the rifling. The idea of a bore guide is to prevent contact between the barrel and the cleaning rod. The problem is however that the cheap screw-together rods flex so much that just centering the rod at the chamber end does very little to stop the rod from scraping the barrel at different points along the bore. The otis kit uses a plastic covered wire cable that pulls rather than pushes the brush or patch down the bore eliminating contact of the cable to the bore. The whole kit (cable, patches, jags, brushes and cleaning solution fits into a 4 inch round by 1 inch thick case. The other alternative is a one piece cleaning rod, Dewey makes the best.) Always clean from the chamber in the direction of the bullet travel( chamber to muzzle) and do not allow the cable to rub against the crown(very end) of the barrel. Always run a wet patch thru the bore before using a brush and never run a dirty patch thru the bore a second time.