View Full Version : Can tru-gloe (fiber-optic) sights be durable enough for an HD handgun

Oleg Volk
May 19, 2000, 03:08 PM
My mother seems to have settled on a Browning Buckmark of some sort (Micro or Challenge, most likely). The only won side to that gun is that she's hard-pressed to see the sights well. Would adding front and rear fiber-optic tubes make a durable enough modification?

May 19, 2000, 06:08 PM
Williams "Fire Sights" are tough enough.... but I don't remember if they make them for the Browning. They would be great for her to target shoot, but they need a good bit of light to make them work. Indoors, they really don't "glow" unless you are really close to a light source..... which we all know dosen't happen much in the HD role.


George Stringer
May 19, 2000, 11:03 PM
Oleg, I've installed fiber optic tubes in a lot of handguns ranging from rimfires to .44 mag. I have yet to have one returned. They seem to hold up very well. George