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May 17, 2000, 01:04 PM
I got the following email a little while ago. Help?

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I have been having problems with my Mossberg 12 gauge pump action 590A1. I have been using all different types of shells for it and many times it has misfired. I have placed shells in the magazine tube and when I pump the action back and then foward, I click the safety off and fire. Sometimes it will fire, sometimes it will not. If it does fire, the next round may misfire. It has been occuring quite frequently. I first thought it was because of manual error, because I was not pushing the forearm smartly enough. But it has misfired even when I made sure I slammed the forarm foward. Then I thought the ammo I was using was defective, i usually use slugs, thought maybe the primers were too old and they were recessed. But I changed ammo and used buckshot, birdshot and slugs from various companies and it still happened. It may happen frequently and sometimes it rarely occurs but every time I go to the range it happens at least 3 times. I fire approximately 30 rounds and three, at least, misfires. Misfiring is said in the context that I chamber a shell and pull the trigger and nothing happens. The round just sits there, I hear the hammer fall, but nothing happens. You may have to fire a couple rounds before it misfires. I have a choate pistol grip full stock and the really expensive sure fire tac light with a dedicated forearm. if i were to send it for repairs would i have to remove both of these and put on the normal stuff?

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I suggested removing the aftermarket stock and forend, and giving the guts a good scrubbing, especially the bolt. Sez he's tried it already, to no avail.

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George Stringer
May 17, 2000, 10:04 PM
Coinneach, tell him to replace the firing pin spring. I just had one in last week with the same problem. George

Jeff, CA
May 18, 2000, 04:34 PM
I had exactly the same problem. I called Mossberg, and they advised me to send it in - didn't ask me about any symptoms, what ammunition I'd been using, etc. It came back with a new bolt and bolt slide. No charge, but also no explanation. I've test fired it, but not nearly enough to determine if it has been corrected (800 rounds up 'til then, 30 rounds since).

I've heard of others with the same problem, who got the same fix. Maybe Mossberg knows what's going on, and they're just waiting to hear from everybody.

May 18, 2000, 04:47 PM
Thanks, guys. I'll let him know.

May 19, 2000, 11:23 AM
THANK YOU... I will send it to Mossberg. Just one last thing... UPS and USPS don't take firearms. Either do those mailing companies like Mail Boxes ETC... imagine me walking into one of those shops with a 12 ga 590. Anyhow, should I just go to my gun shop and ask them to mail it for me? i think they're gonna charge me xtra with shipping fee.

Jeff, CA
May 19, 2000, 11:35 AM
UPS and USPS do take long guns. UPS now requires handguns to be sent overnight (more money), but you can still send a long gun UPS ground. Only an FFL can send a handgun USPS, but I think anyone can send a long gun USPS. Use UPS just to be sure.

My local mailing center had absolutely no problem shipping my Mossberg. Just put it in a box at home first. You can also go to UPS directly - there's one in every city. Wherever you go, make sure to tell them you want some extra insurance, since the basic ground rate only gives you $100 worth. It'll cost a few dollars more.

George Stringer
May 19, 2000, 11:00 PM
Actually, anyone can send a handgun or longgun UPS or FedEx to a repair facility, gunsmith or dealer and FedEx will deliver a handgun right back to you. UPS will not deliver a handgun to an unlicensed individual. Anyone can mail a long gun. Handguns can only be mailed by FFL holders to FFL holders and the Post Office will require a copy of both FFLs before accepting. George