View Full Version : 9mm BHP to 30 Luger?

Rusty S
May 13, 2000, 08:25 PM
Oleg brought this up on the handgun forum, but I thought I'd ask here. Sig has 40 blasphemous and 357 sig barrels available to swap calibers. Could I do that ( barrel, possibly recoil spring ) and still use double stack mags? Single stacks? Does Browning/FN have HP barrels in 30 Luger on hand or need I get a custom ( Jarvis, etc ) one made?

Any other things I've overlooked? Bullets for the 32 acp and 7.65 Luger are both 308 I believe?

George Stringer
May 13, 2000, 10:16 PM
Rusty, you could do that with the Browning. I think there were some made in .30 Luger so there may very well be barrels available. I am relining 3 barrels for the Browning now to 7.62x25 Tokarev and that might also be an option for you. George

May 15, 2000, 09:42 AM
FWIW, I have an original .30 Luger BHP (made around 1980) and, besides the barrel, the slide is noticeably different from the 9mm BHP. Specifically, the slide is slimmer and lighter. It'd be interesting to know if the recoil spring is also different--I can't tell any difference by looking at them, but this may or may not mean anything. Anyway, it's a neat pistol.

May 17, 2000, 01:51 PM
George, before you get to far on those 3 barrels for the Browning, make sure that the OAL of the 7.62x25 isn't to long for the BHP