View Full Version : Please help, with takedown info.

February 1, 2006, 11:10 AM
Hi all,
I was given a small auto pistol a few years back. It was bought by a gent, who carried it in his boot, in a small leather holster. After his death, it was given to me, by his widow.

I have no intention, of shooting this pistol. I just want to take it apart, and give it a good cleaning. I'm not sure it would be safe to shoot.

It's a GECCADO model 11. .25 auto. It looks a whole lot lot like a Raven. I don't think I can recall hearing of this brand before, and I looked in a lot of the P.O.S threads. :D .

Anyways, if some one could please tell me how in the world to fieldstrip this little zinc paperweight, I would be grateful.


James K
February 3, 2006, 08:38 PM
If it is like the Raven, field stripping is simple.

Remove the magazine and make sure the gun is unloaded.

On the back of the slide there is a sort of keyhole shaped piece of metal. Push it in and hold it while lifting the rear of the slide up and off the frame. Let the slide go forward over the barrel. Make sure that you don't let the firing pin and spring fly out when you lift the slide. Also make sure you watch how the firing pin comes out so you can get it back in correctly.

I STRONGLY recommend that no further disassembly be done. If you decide to punch out pins and take the gun all apart, have fun.