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May 12, 2000, 07:31 PM
Greetings from a first time poster. Glad to be aboard. Have been shooting a Para P-14 limited in IPSC for a year or so with 100% reliability. Changed factory hi-cap base pads to Grams Engineering pad,spring, and follower kits. Everything worked great for several months then the mags refused to feed rounds high enough to reach feed ramp. After mags are down to 9 or 10 rounds the springs have enough strength to feed rounds high enough to feed properly. I disassemble the mags to let springs relax but it hasn't helped. Have the Grams springs just fatigued prematurely(like the shooter)and need to be replaced with better springs, or could there possibly be another problem? I have polished the followers and inside mag bodies.What does anyone think?

May 12, 2000, 09:46 PM
Sure sounds like not enough "oomph" in the springs...I run Wolff +10% in my Dawson-baseplated P14 mags, and that same failure is my cue to replace springs.


May 13, 2000, 06:18 AM
G'day kegrin,
New springs the thing & I assume you haven't changed the OAL on your cartridges? ;)

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May 15, 2000, 08:24 PM
Thanks to both. Para runs great with original basepads. No changes in loading parameters. Sounds like +10% springs are the way to go. I may give Grams a chance to offer their opinion. 2 or 3 months doesn't seem very long for springs to last.