View Full Version : 45 Colt cylinder reaming

May 11, 2000, 04:23 AM
Have three blackhawks that seem to have short bores in the cylinder, can these be hand reamed deeper to accept a bullet that is longer like the Hornady 300gr xtp they fit fine in Redhawks but protrude about a rim thickness out of the cylinder on my blackhawks. Bullets are seated out on the second cannelure (cannelure clostest to base)thought about using the first cannelure but wasnt sure about the pressure. Am using about 21.3grains win 296 velocity around 1300fps.

George Stringer
May 11, 2000, 07:24 AM
Oberkommando, you can "throat" your cylinders with a .45 cal throater. Or you might back off on your load and work back toward your ideal load with the bullets seated at the second cannelure. One thing to watch for and I'm sure you've already checked, is to make sure that the bullet noses won't protrude from the front of the cylinder when fully chambered. George

May 12, 2000, 05:16 PM
Thanks George, do you know where I can buy a throater that might use a T-handle so I can do this at home? I have two cylinders to do and yes there is still plenty of room in cylinder for oal, bullet has plenty of room, and is not protruding through the front.

George Stringer
May 12, 2000, 11:14 PM
Ober, Brownells www.brownells.com (http://www.brownells.com) sells them both from Clymer and Loon Lake. George