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January 29, 2006, 07:05 PM
Hello all,

I recently purchased an Arsenal USA AMD-63-2 for $550. Came with some free ammo, 30 round mag, manual, folder stock.

I know little to nothing about AKs and I could find around my area was.....

- $350 Romanian AKs at gun, fit and finish was poor

- $550 Ohio Rapid Fire modified Romanian AKs, fit and finish was a little better but not much

But then I came across the Arsenal USA AMD-63-2 yesterday and bought it thinking it was an extremely good deal. Everything I read about Arsenal AKs was that they are definately the higher end stuff.

Anyways, any feedback on the Arsenal USA AMD-63-2 would be greatly appreciated! Was it a good deal? what is the avg. cost of one? how is the quality and reliability of it?


January 29, 2006, 07:58 PM
Congrats on the new gun!
I have always kind of liked the AMDs, They are...different than the run of the mill AK. It sounds like you got a pretty good price on it, but I think you may have confused the name with another company.

Everything I read about Arsenal AKs was that they are definately the higher end stuff.

Arsenal Inc. and Arsenal USA are to different animals. Arsenal Inc. is a domestic version of Arsenal of Bulgaria and produce very high quality AKs.
Arsenal USA is a company that assembles AKs from kits imported into the states. They use their own receivers though, which are very nice and thicker than standard sheet metal receivers.

I would like to read a report on it after you shoot it.

January 29, 2006, 09:11 PM
sounds like I did get the two confused, BUT, it still sounds like I got a solid product, thats good.

Like I said, the fit and finish and qaulity look light years better than the Romanian stuff I was looking at the gun show.

plan on shooting in the next couple weeks, I will definately report back on range results

thanks for the info!


January 29, 2006, 10:22 PM
Arsenal, Inc. is very high quality. My son and I have the SAM 7 with the milled receiver. They are build like tanks, take any AK mag., and are very accurate for AK's. If yours is the Arsenal, Inc., you made a good score.
Try this link.


Sun Tzu
January 30, 2006, 05:12 AM

I own an SLR 95. This is a Bulgarian AK. It is milled and not stamped like the majority of AK's in the world. Arsenal Inc. sold this high quality AK rifle in Kali back in the day for $700 new. I got mine back in '98. It has never failed in any way. It is a reliable "black rifle" that when outfitted w/a buffer tech buffer & a Trigicon Acog optic is formidable to say the least. One of the best 762x39 battle rifles around... Enjoy it for a long, long time!

Just had to rant cause I love my SLR...

Laterz, S Tzu

A whole s**tload of weapons since '89

February 11, 2006, 06:42 PM
Pre-report info…..

- shot on 02/04 around 10:00 AM
- shot half at 50 yards, other half was at 100 yards
- ammo was yugo brass stamped with 69-72 dates on it, I was using ammo older than me!
- total of 120 rounds shot
- around 32 degrees and snow and sleet
- no optics, just iron sights
- last time I shot a rifle was last summer, mini-14 with optic
- gun was cleaned head to toe the prior week with Remington Oil
- shot for a total of 2 hours
- shot 5 round groups, and then 10 round groups
- did not ever fill the 30 round mag to the full 30
- the weather was crummy but I had the range to myself!

Report info……..

- felt recoil was no problem, I am 6 ft and 260 lb
- gun did get a touch heavy after an hour or so, I have not lifted in a while
- twice in the very first two 5 shot groups, the cartridge did “stove pipe” on the 5th bullet, but did not any more after that

- at 50 yards, was able to get 6 to 10 inch groups pretty quickly
- did have occasional flyers that hit the edge of the target, about 1 out of every 20 shots
- did not adjust the rear iron sights, left them in their default position

- at 100 yards had difficult time at first just hitting the target
- played around with rear iron sights, made target acquisition even worse
- moved rear iron sights to default position
- aimed rifle so that front iron sight a little below rear iron sights and BINGO! Got 6 to 12 inch groups consistently after that

Post-report info…….

- overall, very pleased with my Arsenal AMD-63-2
- not concerned in the least about the stove piping, kind of expected from other first time AK-47 shootings I have read online. Considered it part of the break in period.
- feel confident I can bring in the groups to perhaps 4 to 8 groups with practice at 50 and *perhaps* 100 yards
- need to spend more time figuring out the sights, not a big deal in my book
- I have heard others complain about the iron sights, I had no problem with them, still have to figure them out but no issues
- might try a scope on it sometime this year and see how tight that can bring the groups in
- need to startup my weight lifting again to be able to *easily* manipulate the AK for long periods of time

Side notes…..
- had to dish out around 180 bucks, that includes tax, to get 1200 rounds of the yugo 7.62x39, seems like good stuff, but cost more than I would ideally like to pay
- ideally, would like to pay $100 to $125 for 1000 rounds
- they had wolf 7.62x39 at ORF but they would not let you buy by the case, only by 20 round boxes to conserve
- hope that the current 7.62x39 supply and price situation settles down soon.
- have read that the end of February it should, we shall see!

- some info I was able to find out abou the AMD-63-2 this weekend on the net...

"Very Rare! The AMD-63 7.62x39 was intended for the motorized infantry. The AMD-63 (Hungarian version of the AK-47) is a long barrelled Hungarian version of the AKM built on a stamped receiver. The rifle has a 16.5 inch barrel, wooden buttstock with pistol grips on the front and rear. The lower forend is ventilated stamped metal with a reversed wooden grip. This allows for better handling and cooling of the weapon in rapid fire.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome!

February 11, 2006, 06:59 PM
I'm surprised your not happy with it! Sounds like the only problem is the front sight needs adjusted. You can order your own ammo in bulk right to your house out of shotgun news if you want, might get a better price. Kinda surprised the weight was an issue. I have a milled receiver AK and weight has never really been a problem for me,(just so you know, I'm not a very big guy at all! kinda skrawny.) I suppose the AMD might have a heavier barrel than my .223 barrel though. Anyways, good reveiw, congrats on the new gun!

February 12, 2006, 12:42 PM
how would I adjust the front sights? they appear fixed, but I could be wrong


February 12, 2006, 02:15 PM
In 1894, Savage organized an enterprise in, Utica NY. The purpose of the Savage Arms Company was to produce a hammerless lever-action rifle designed by the inventor . Smokeless powder was already beginning to revolutionize the industry, and the rifle fired, high-power smokeless loads. Conventional big bore, low-pressure, black-powder ammunition was already becoming obsolete.
The new rifle was the famous Model 99, and it was so good that today after a century, it still bears the same designation and the same basic design. The new cartridge, also Arthur Savage's invention, was a .303 cliber ( not to be confused with the.303 British, a military load of later vintage that was used a great deal in WW2. ) Soon after its introduction in .303, the gun was offered in a variety of calibers, including .30/30.
The model 99 is a hammerless lever- action rifle, utlilizing a short lever throw. It has a rotary magazine rather than the familiar tubular type. In this magazine, sharp-pointed bullets could be used. These bullets, if used in the tubular type of magazine, presented the danger of accidental detonation during recoil when the point of one, struck the primer of the next. The rotary design also eliminated the marring of the bullets themselves. No lugs or bolts were used in the arm. The breech was closed and the action was so strong that the high-powered, high-pressure ammo could be used safely. Side ejection made possible the mounting of a scope directly over the barrel. More importantly, to most riflemen of that day, the short lever throw made the rifle a lighting fast repeater.

February 13, 2006, 07:23 PM
What the he11 does that have to do with the price of peas in switzerland?

Seriously, your gunsmith should be able to adjust the front sight for you if you don't have the tool you need, check K-var or Krebs Custom for the AK front sight tool.