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January 28, 2006, 09:07 PM
This gun has that distictive sound of 7.62x39.Silver bear ammo went through 6 inches of pine!A little more powerful than the bullet looks.Compared to my 30-06.Anyay it's a chinese SKS.The sight adjusted all the way back,to what I thought was a flat shooting range.It dropped 6 inches low in groups.I pushed the sight elevation one click up and I was dead on.Why don't the lowest setting work.Is it for targets right on top of you?That's my qestion ,cool fun gun!

Smokey Joe
January 28, 2006, 10:03 PM
Jaymag--Glad you like yr new toy! Be safe and have fun with it for many, many years.

Re: the sight: As I understand it, the furthest back setting on the SKS sight is the "battle" setting, and POI is on POA at 300 meters. The next setting forward is the 100 meter setting, and the settings go up in distance logically from there.

At what distance were you shooting?

The "battle" setting is used on most military rifles--it is intended to give you hits somewhere between the shoulders and the knees of a standing enemy, at any reasonable battle range. That way the poor ignorant grunt doesn't have to consider distance or elevation in his shooting; just aim at the enemy's belt buckle.

That philosophy is repellent to me personally--I'm a great believer in the single, well-aimed shot, but I'm not a military strategist, and not in charge of a large number of poorly trained troops.

January 29, 2006, 11:05 PM
A little more powerful than the bullet looks.

With the Wolf 154 grain soft point or the Corbon 150 grain soft point, it's equal to a 30.30......Happy Shooting!

January 30, 2006, 06:16 AM
If you will notice the furtherest back position on the sight lifts it up to just about where it is on the 300 meter position 4 clicks up.

7.62x39 is one more mean fast round. I was trying to sight an sks in by shooting at a 2x4 standing straight up that I had balanced on a piece of pipe at the end of a dock. I kept thinking I was missing the 2x4 until I realized the water was splashing directly behind the wood. Went and checked and the 2x4 looked like some one had driven nails in it and then pulled them out.. small hole in front and just a little bit larger in back. Full metal jacket is that way.

February 6, 2006, 09:31 AM
I have an SKS as well, and I found that after I scoped it, that I could shoot this particular rifle better with open sights than with a scope.

I found the same issue with the open sights as well. I bought mine years ago for I think $70. I only wish now that I would have bought the paratrooper model as they are really neat and are worth much more now.

Have fun and shoot safe...