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January 22, 2006, 12:42 AM
I find it almost impossable to draw while seated in a car or truck. The next time I'm at my Dad's farm I'm spending most of my practice on this problem.I'm left handed, carry IWB, and its too far behind me...the seat belt is in the way...my elbow is obstructed by the seat/door...and other things. So, I've got to work out this problem before I'm in a serious situation. Have any of you found a good answer? Is ankle holster or cross draw the only logical routes? Maybe a gun just for the vehicle...(I don't like to leave firearms in the car). Is there really an answer or am I just going to have to live with it? :(

January 22, 2006, 12:59 AM
I think a cross draw is about the best bet. Or have a holster mounted in your car somewhere. Front of seat, between seats, etc., and just switch it when you get in and out. Kind of a pain, but as in many situations, what works for one thing, wont be the best for another.

Sir William
January 22, 2006, 01:08 AM
There is a solution. I suggest a SOB rig at 3. You have to be flexible but, it works. I have the Galco SOB204 for my Walther. It has a retenion screw that aids in adjustability. If you CCW a DE, you might still have problems drawing inside a vehicle!

January 22, 2006, 03:43 AM
Hardtarget: given the awkward position one would be in if ever faced with the need to draw a weapon seated in a vehicle and at best having to point and shoot, could you practice enough off-handed to get something like this
http://www.andrewsleather.com/carjackerx.htm in right hand? I'm Left handed too and realized that clearing a cross draw holster would be difficult in my car. Also, if some BG was at the drivers side door, you would be drawing toward him with the gun pointed in the other direction. Not that other situations may happen but PERHAPS they would allow you a little more opportunity to switch hands if you needed too.

Sun Tzu
January 22, 2006, 03:46 AM

Look into the "safepacker" by www.theWilderness.com tactical products located in Pheonix AZ. I bought 2 of their rigs. I use one in the home, under the pillow every night, filled w/a G-19 w/a M6 light & 2 xtra mags. I feel safe in bed.

In the ride I use a smaller version of the same safe packer. It conceals my G-26 w/mag extension & 3 xtra 10rnd mags and 50 xtra rnds of hollow point. Its heavy but I dont carry it out of my van w/all that stuff. I place the safe packer on the passenger seat armrest. Sometimes, I place it under my seat near my feet for discretion's sake. It sits securely everywhere, plenty of options for anchoring it safely, and its w/in easy grasp if any gangster types attempt to jack me here in the SFV. YOU gotta love LA county...

They sell several models of the safe packer. From large auto & revolver sizes to sub compact and compact models of our favorite handguns. Glock, S&W, Sig etc!!!

Hope this helps. It sure solved my problems. I had fashioned many versions of this rig on my own. To no avail. None were made w/the integrity of the Wilderness product line... Now I have a reliable carry system for home & abroad.

Laterz, S Tzu

Glock 31
January 22, 2006, 05:12 AM
What I do when i'm delivering pizzas is keep a small blanket folded up in the passenger seat. Then I take one half and fold it over diaganolly tucking the seatback sides down in between the seat and back of the chair to keep it in place. It kind of looks like a square with a fold from on corner across the middle to the other corner. Basically I just put my Glock in the pocket it forms and i'm good to go. If I need it, I just slip my hand in and pull it out.

I don't know if you have passengers or not but also if I have to get out for a long period of time but can't take the gun with me, I just lock it in the glove box. Hope it helps.:cool:

The British Soldier
January 22, 2006, 10:33 AM
This sounds like a two pistol moment. We always had two pistols, a body carry weapon and the car carry. The latter was usually under the steering column, in a holster cable-tied in place - if you do it right no one can see if even if they look in through the window.

I've seen a few signatures here with 5 or 6 pistols to their name, so unless the budget is tight it sounds like something feasible.

January 22, 2006, 10:38 AM
Yep in a car nothing beats a gun on the seat for speed and accesibility. This is also one of the easiest scenarios to train for also. All you do is drive out to the country and have a practice session without even getting out of the car. And bad weather is never an excuse.

January 22, 2006, 11:28 AM
Most folks learn the first time they sit in a car, that they cannot get to their 'roscoe'.
I usually carry a car gun, as well as the CCW gun I am wearing. The car gun sits in a leather sheath, between the car door and seat. Instant access, totally concealed, protected, and convenient.
I often carry a long gun as well. Having that in the trunk makes it about as effective as having it back home in the gun safe. I put mine in the back seat floorboard, resting on a foam rubber pad, and covered with an old blanket. With my tinted windows, and the dark shadows on the back seat floor, its not visible. I can get to it very quickly though.

January 22, 2006, 12:03 PM
I find it almost impossable to draw while seated in a car or truck

Talk about goofy responses to a very common issue. Unbelievable! :)

Anyway, a crossdraw holster is the answer. Plain and simple.
If you already realize that a quick presentation from a seated situation is a bungle waiting to happen.....go crossdraw.

There are some minor issues with a crossdraw, sweep, index, blah blah, etc. But crossdraw is fast enough, comfortable, is weak hand accessable and even prints less than other carries.

Strong side is good for open carry/duty, etc., but the crossdraw is ideal for seated self defense and accessability.

Crossdraw is 'the' solution for easy access to your weapon while seated.

Ask anybody who's been covert.

January 22, 2006, 12:10 PM
Im not sure if this work for you, but you could always put your hangun between your leg and the seat. Keeps hidden from prying eyes and secure, but easy to get too. Im not to sure about the legality of this, but it works fine for me.
sorry if this doesnt help, its just what I found works best, when the need arises.

January 22, 2006, 12:17 PM
First of all, be sure to find out what the laws in your state are regarding carrying in your car. For those of us with concealed carry permits, it is not an issue. Without a permit in FL, you are still allowed to carry a weapon in your vehicle. It must be in a snapped holster inside an enclosed compartment. This is based off the actual law rather than the supposed "3 Step Rule".

I used to have a Volvo 850 which had a center console the perfect size to fit my Glock 26. I could go from both hand on the wheel to drawn and ready in under a second and a half. I actually did it once when some idiot ran up to my window late at night. He claimed to be messing around and went on about some story about being drunk and getting thrown out of a bar. Whatever. I had it at low ready rather than pointing it straight at him, but I made sure he knew I was armed. Nothing happend but I'm glad I was prepared just in case.

One bit of advice when dealing with people that close to your car (for righties anyways). I kept my gun to the right of the steering wheel to prevent a gun grab. All I had to do was turn the gun to shoot. If I stuck the gun out the window or brought it up to the window, the person could have grabbed the gun or at least pushed it down so I would have to shoot through the door. Since you are a lefty, this probably doesn't apply to you. Maybe that is why lefties have a shorter life expectancy? ;)

The center console of the car I have now can't hold anything bigger than my Beretta Tomcat. I don't consider that enough gun so I still have my trusty Glock 26 but I keep it in the door pocket. I have my sunglass case in there to fill in the space and keep the gun from sliding around. It is not as quick as the center console and I have to switch hands but I have got it down to about 2.5 seconds.

This might sound kind of silly but you could do what I do when I am driving through the really bad parts of town. Just drive with the gun in your hand but keep it out of sight. Either that or don't drive through bad areas!

The most important thing to remember is situational awareness. Constantly scan your surroundings for potential threats. Don't stop too close to the car in front of you to allow yourself a way out in case the passengers of the car in front of you attempt a car jacking. You do not want to get in a fire fight in your car. There is little coverage, you have almost no mobility if your car is blocked, you will most likely have barriers to penetrate (windows which will spider once you shoot through it and further obscure you vision), and the noise will be pretty harsh due to the small enclosed space.

Oe last thing... Don't drive like an ass. You will have a lot less chances of encountering road rage. Take it from me. I live in Miami where we have had more than our fair share of car jackings and where we have plenty of road rage. Either that or buy a bullet proof car (http://www.cnn.com/US/9804/20/wheels.bulletproof.car/)!

January 22, 2006, 12:25 PM
It must be in a snapped holster inside an enclosed compartmentSnapped holster OR inside an enclosed compartment.

I'm in the two gun crowd myself.
If owning more than one is not feasible, unholster when you are in the car holster before you exit

January 22, 2006, 12:36 PM
Joab... look again. A non-CCW holder can NOT carry a weapon in a holster on their person in their vehicle. It must be in an enclosed compartment in a holster or a zippered gun pouch. You can NOT simply have a gun in the glove box WITHOUT a holster. This is why some people call it the "three step" law.

January 22, 2006, 12:56 PM
Paddle holster is what I like to use. Leaving a gun in the car is just too high of a risk while I am not there. When I get in the car I take it off and place it between the seat and the console (center). Before I get out of the car I put it back on and adjust when I am out of the car. I would have alot of splaining to do if my car got stolen and one of my handguns were in there. I also would not want to know that MY gun was used in criminal activity.

January 22, 2006, 12:57 PM
I am answering the question as posed.

You have to spend the time and money to learn what works for you. There are no shortcuts.

One fellow was left handed and dealt with the problem by putting a fully charged HK 93 (this is a semi-auto rifle in .223) on the passenger floor and put a clean old blanket on top.

One fellow carries his Glock 27 (40 S & W) in his waistband. He has had many surgeries and this is what works for him.

I know a dancer who takes a gun bag (with dance shoes prominently sticking out the top). One of the side compartments holds a Glock 29 (10mm) in a Fobus belt holster (and this deals with accidental discharge).

I know a jewelry deliveryman who had his S & W .38 special wedged in the car seat and killed a BG who had the drop on him and was leaning in the passenger side widow of his car.

Whatever the solution, you need to take the second step and practice drawing and shooting while seated in the car. Do it slowly though. We had some slug in a class who put a round through the car!:eek:

January 22, 2006, 01:25 PM
Fanny Pack

Lots of people hate them. Swear they scream out GUN! Well, I settled on a fanny pack because I figured my most vulnerable times were in and around my car. The fanny pack proved to be the only method to be usable outside the car, while getting into/out of the car and while in the car. The same draw method applied in all instances. No moving the gun around from holster to hiding place. No changing my carry method because I have a passenger in the front seat.

The only concession to fanny pack carry is the size of your weapon. Those packs made for full sized autos and revolvers are big enough to stick your head into, and ONLY gun people wear those. Get the smallest pack you can find and carry a snubby revolver or a compact semi-auto. Get a small patch like a Nike swoosh or a NASA patch and sew that onto the fron pocket. Choose a color other than black is possible.

January 22, 2006, 01:28 PM
I don't know this for certain, but I believe there are seatbelt mounted holsters available. Try a search for them, or consider a holster attached using a couple rivets/chicago screws directly to the seatbelt.

January 22, 2006, 01:41 PM
Not being a tactical ninja type ready to draw and fire as human wave attacks overwhelm my car, I just take mine out of whereever I am cartying and stick it between the seats


January 22, 2006, 02:10 PM
Joab... look again. A non-CCW holder can NOT carry a weapon in a holster on their person in their vehicle.Never said that they could It must be in an enclosed compartment in a holster or a zippered gun pouch. No, securely encased means in a holster (not on the body),in a zippered pouch whether locked or not, in a box with a lid whether locked or not or in the glove box whether locked or notYou can NOT simply have a gun in the glove box WITHOUT a holster. This is why some people call it the "three step" law.yes you can carry unholstered in a glove box. There has never been a law on the books call the three step law, it was merely folk wisdom

January 22, 2006, 02:13 PM
When our CC law was introduced here in Ohio, the Highway Patrol insisted on a provision (supposedly for "officer safety") requiring that a concealed pistol must be holstered and in "plain view" inside a motor vehicle. Ironically, this also makes it more accessible and, one would think, more of a threat to an officer afraid of being shot by a law-abiding citizen.:barf: But hey, that's the way they wanted it.

Anyway, to comply with this stupid requirement, I've used a couple methods. One, the aforementioned paddle holster, mine's an Uncle Mike's adjusted to cross-draw. Secondly, I've used Nemesis pocket holsters by tucking them between my belt and pants in the 11 o'clock position. I don't tuck it inside the waistband so that it's more visible in case I'm stopped. The tacky surface of the Nemesis prevents it from sliding around or falling out. Getting out of the car I just stuff it back in my pocket.

Blackwater OPS
January 22, 2006, 02:20 PM
I always carry by 342PD in an ankle holster, pretty quick to get to, and if I plan to spend a lot of time in the car I wear my galco miami classic-IMO a shoulder holster is the best answer for weapon access while in a car, although I do not prefer it for normal CCW.

January 22, 2006, 02:57 PM
The main thing to remember about defensive firearms in vehicles is that they should be secured at all times. A gun on the passenger seat does no good if it goes flying off to who knows where if you have to stop fast or get bumped from behind. What's worse is that the flying 2lb pistol can cause serious injury to yourself if you get into an accident.

January 22, 2006, 03:26 PM
Not being a tactical ninja type ready to draw and fire as human wave attacks overwhelm my car...


That's some funny stuff :D

January 22, 2006, 04:39 PM
As previously mentioned, Ohio CCW law has some goofy points, . . . one being that it must be visible to the officer who approaches you in the vehicle.

I wrestled with it on and off till I came up with a modified clone of well known shoulder holster rig. Basically, my .45 points up at about a 45 degree angle behind my arm pit, . . . and even in a heavy tee shirt, . . . it is virtually invisible.

I would think a shoulder rig would work very well for you too, especially well if the bg came up on the passenger side of the vehicle.

I don't use any other rig if I am traveling any real distance, . . . as it is very comfortable, very accessible, . . . and very visible to the LEO's I might meet.

May God bless,

Daniel BOON
January 22, 2006, 05:19 PM
Las Vegas says you can carry openly, or carry the piece on the seat next to you; andrews leather makes a nifty little car carry rig that works for me; most of our threats come while driving, or stopped at a lite. I just put it on in the car, and pop it off when I go into the store etc. werks fer mee.....