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January 18, 2000, 08:44 PM
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If you have not yet tried this stuff, your'e missing out! Non-toxic(no solvents) and nearly odorless. You can now clean on the kitchen table w/o incurring the wrath of your better-half.
Seems to be all that is needed on my pistols, but some sort of solvent is still needed on rifle bores (to get the copper). Does wonders on all of the carbon and fouling, though.
http://www.mp7.com or 800-937-4677 :)

January 18, 2000, 09:46 PM
I have an 8 oz. bottle of the stuff and it does work as VictorLouis says. The best part is that you can soak parts and then pour the remainder back into the bottle without fear of contamination.

Still... I can't break my Hoppe's NO. 9 habit. I actually LIKE the smell and it doesn't bother my wife, either.

Must be because when I was a kid I can still remember how my bedroom smelled of the stuff after a cleaning session. :)


Paul B.
January 20, 2000, 04:51 PM
Just a few comments on MP-7. That stuff is fantastic! :) I have an old (1910 vintage) Winchester 30-30 SRC that belonged to my Great-Grandfather. The bore was as black as could be. Cleaned it with hot soapy water, Still black, but I could see rifling now. Tried Hoppe's, Shooters Choice,, JB Bore Compound, Bon Ami. Nothing helped. I even tried steel wool on a brush.
I picked up a bottle of MP-7 at a gun show. Used it to clean my rifles, and was favorably impressed. It cleaned clean bores and showed there was stuff left. I decided to give the old 30-30 a try. After about a two hour session, I not only could see rifling, but the bore was a steel grey in color. Pits were minor, and only a few of those. I shoot a lot of cast lead in 30-30 (full power loads)and that old rifle will outshoot a 185 USRAC Winchester in 30-30.
BTW. I wrote the manufacturor and told him the same thing I just related to you, and told him he could quote me.
You can order the stuff at 1-800-yes-4mp7.
Paul B.

Greg G
March 23, 2000, 08:58 AM
I'm interested in MPro7 for the non-toxic aspect of it. Is there any water or anything in it that could cause a problem if you didn't get all of it out of your guns? I'm ready to order a batch of it along with some of their oil, I just need a little push. :)

March 23, 2000, 09:03 AM
MP Pro 7 will degrease your guns as it cleans. So be sure to oil all the nooks and crannys. It won't remover copper, so you'll have to use a copper remover as well. Other than that, it's a great product. I've gone through two bottles already.

Greg G
March 23, 2000, 03:28 PM
Copythat, thanks for your reply. I usually oil everything down anyway so I guess I'll be ok. I'm going to place an order.

March 23, 2000, 05:07 PM
I haven't tried it yet, but I've heard nothing but good things about it. I emailed the co. about MSDS data and they sent it the same day. It's pretty "safe" as far as cleaning stuff goes.

On a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the worst (like acetylnitrile), the highest score it had was a 2 for handling (2 isn't bad, and if you are paranoid, wear gloves). For vapors and everything else it's a 1.

I can't stand the smell of most solvents/cleaners and they definitely aren't good for you to breathe all the time. The website is pretty good about explaining everything www.mp7.com (http://www.mp7.com)

March 24, 2000, 06:13 PM
They claim it can handle copper deposits at pistol velocity. It seems to do just fine on mine(lead included). A rifle's 2000+ fps is too much for it alone. However, an initial swabbing with the MP7 will allow your favorite stuff to work faster, with better results.