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Wild Bill Bucks
January 11, 2006, 01:46 PM
It has come to my attention that there are some of you who don't know much about Hog hunting and Why.
I am in NO WAY any kind of expert on the subject, but here's what I know.
I invite any comments that might be helpful to my education and others.

Feral hogs will cross breed with about any kind of Russian/European Boar(Black or Red Razorbacks) having about 8-10 pigs per year. They will travel in groups called "Sounders". They can get from 450-500 lbs and can become very aggressive if wounded or threatened. They are mostly nocturnal, but can occasionally be found in the daytime around wallows,or seeps and ponds located in the woods.
The reasons for hunting them on your deer place, is because they will eat deer fawns and anything else that they can find laying helpless.
They also compete for every food source that your deer have to feed on.
un-checked they will devistate your deer lease, by eating all the food sources .
They also carry several diseases,most of which are cooked away, and are not detrimental to humans.
They can carry a disease called Pseudorabies, a viral disease not related to rabies and does not affect humans, but can be given to Livestock, Pets,and Wildlife.
When handling while cleaning, you should ALWAYS wear a good pair of rubber gloves.
If you field dress an animal you should bury the internal organs, and never feed the organs to your pet.
Although skinning is slow, it is relatively clean, and since the hair doesn't come loose easily, you won't get much on the meat.
Once the skin is removed wash the carcass very well and soak the meat in salt water for a few hours.
A boar is generally not fit for much but a trophy, although there are people who can fix them and make them eatable, I prefer the 50 to 250lb range of piglets and small sows. They just seem to be much better meat.
Certain times of the year they aren't worth much for eating, but generally the colder weather seems to be the best time for harvest.
By getting rid of them from your hunting areas, you will increases the population of your deer and make a much healthier enviroment for them.
You should remove any wild hog from your area whether you eat them or not, simply because they are such a devistating problem to everything, and they reproduce far more rapidly than your deer.

Anxious to here from others as to how to bait or hunt them.

john in jax
January 11, 2006, 05:22 PM
Hog hunting isn't all that difficult here in NE FL. They aren't nearly as skittish as whitetails. In areas where they aren't regulated I think most people bait 'em up with corn.

January 11, 2006, 05:48 PM
You're not kidding when you say boars are fit for trophy only. Thats some of the worst smelling meat i have ever smelt. i don't know if i would kill one for food if i was starving! I cooked some it stunk up the whole house.Gave some to my brother he cooked it and throw it out it smelled so bad . His dog wouldn't even eat it.

January 11, 2006, 06:45 PM
It has come to my attention that there are some of you who don't know much about Hog hunting and Why Here in Central Texas we know about hogs. There are lots of them on my deer lease. Lots of deer also. Lots of cows also. Very rare to see any of the three feeding at the same place at the same time. If I had my choice , I would leave the hogs and get rid of the cows. Nice thing about the hogs is that they give me something else to hunt. I can hunt them all year around, at night, whatever. Too many deer and too many hogs is a great problem for a hunter. Wish they would let me shoot those cows;)

January 11, 2006, 08:19 PM
Believe it or not, the big boars are every bit as tasty as the rest. Preperation is the key.
After it is down gut it, hang it upside down and skin it, then quarter it out. Place the quarters or completely processed cuts in a large ice chest and completely cover this with ice and then fill it nearly full with cold water.
Next, add one to two cups of vinegar and 18 to 24 ozs. of pure lemon juice.
Allow this mix to sit for 3 to 7 days changing the whole mix every time the water gets very pinkish red.
If the meat begins to take on a bluish tint, cut back on the vinegar. This works very well and will have any rank old boar tasting like store bought in no time.

January 11, 2006, 09:30 PM
Ya know, I've heard that, that hogs run out the deer, but I've got very little to lose, seeing as how there are very few deer where I hunt, and they are spooky as hell and hard to hunt because food is everywhere for them, so they're hard to pattern. And every year, there are millions of pounds acorns left untouched that the deer couldn't eat. So there's plenty of unused/wasted mast and thus nutrients for pigs. So I'd love for the piggies to come down that way. They're spreading, and they're thick just 10 or so miles down the road, so it won't be long. Like the man said, gives you something else to hunt besides deer, and in this state, that's year-round, over feeders, younameit. I don't care if they tear everything up - they's good eatin and fun to hunt. Thanks for the tip on de-funkifying a big boar, 2rugers! Thanks to you too Wild Bill - yeah, I heard always use gloves. And if you hunt em in the summer, you gotta skin em down and get them on ice QUICK!

un-checked they will devistate your deer lease, by eating all the food sources

Oh, they'll be 'checked', baby. :) If it was legal, I'd introduce some domestics to my place. 2 males and 4 females outta get 'em started. Too bad it's illegal. :evilgrin:

January 12, 2006, 12:09 AM
We hunt and eat hogs all year round. Not a problem. Never had one tast bad.

Ever clean hog and find a worm or worms? After you skin the hog look at he rear legs. On the front part of the rear leg where it meets the stomach there may be a black spot. if there is thats a worm that needs to be cut out. On a older hog there will be a worm on both side. Never found a worm on a young hog.

Thats some of the worst smelling meat i have ever smelt.

I would have to say the worst meat I have smelt and cooked was a Ram. Got it out in west Texas in barksdale. That stuff was nasty! The dog like it though:)

January 12, 2006, 12:31 AM
Hogs I hate hogs but they do give me something to hunt year round, they tear up everything in sight, but if I'm at camp and if got my Whitetail limit I hunt them at night and have something to cook up fresh in the morning. The land owner where we hunt told us shoot all the Hogs you can and leave em lay I don't care, just get rid of has many as you can.

On a side note they roam the place in packs of 40 or more and if you line your shot up right you can get 2-3 in one shot. Hogs are also the only Critter I'll take a shot at when it's running or out there a long ways.

Wild Bill Bucks
January 12, 2006, 11:34 AM
Picked this up from some guys who hunt ALL THE TIME(They have the divorces to prove it)

They say take a thin walled PVC Pipe about 6" around and 3 or 4 ft. long-Put a cap on one end and bury it with a pair of post hole diggers until it is ground level. Fill it with corn and pour a beer in it so it will sour quickly.
By burying it with post hole diggers, the ground around it will be hard to root up, so the pigs will have to work on it for a long time to eat it completely out of the ground.
They will chew off the pipe little bit at a time to get to the corn and eventually will get to the bottom of the pipe but ,they say, it will take them 2 or 3 nights to do this.
They hunt from a tree stand, which keeps them safe and brings the hogs to one location over and over.
They say the art to keeping them coming in, is to shoot the stragglers while they are there all alone, therefore you don't scare the other hogs off from your baited area.
Sounded to me like a pretty good idea so I thought I would pass it on.

January 12, 2006, 01:51 PM
what county you in WBB?

January 12, 2006, 01:53 PM
Wisby: Any chance they need more hunters there? Been dying to go on a good boar hunt...:)

Wild Bill: Thanks for all the great info!

Wild Bill Bucks
January 12, 2006, 02:05 PM
First Freedom,
Stuck in Pittsburg county Oklahoma.
Five counties around me are McIntosh, Latimer,Pushmataha,Leflore,Atoka.
2 hunting refuges that cover 625,000 acres. Total Population in all five counties combined is about 80,000 people, so LOTS of Pine trees and wilderness.
Won't say it's real lonesome down here, but seeing Sasquatch walk out of the local post office with his mail, wouldn't surprise anyone.

January 12, 2006, 07:30 PM
ok, I was on a lease last year in fast eastern Pitt county - near Quinton. There were hogs out there, but I never saw one myself. I gather they're much thicker in southern Pittsburg County, where there's more rivers? That where you are? I heard don't put milk or beer on the corn. You want it to be crunchy so that if you're sneaking up on them or moving around, the noise inside their heads from crunching on the corn will drown out your noise. Instead, put diesel fuel on it - pigs love diesel fuel for some reason.

Wild Bill Bucks
January 13, 2006, 10:16 AM

I'm not real Ballsy, so I do any hog hunting from a tree, their not going to have to worry about hearing me coming.
Had a guy last year from work get worked over pretty good by a wounded sow, and she killed two of his dogs, tore up several others before they finally killed her (About 400 lbs) so I can't hardly make my butt get out of a tree.
Quinton is a little bit to far north in latimer county to get into very many hogs,Lots of cattle country up there and farmers keep them pretty much in check.
Best places are around the southern Okla. lakes at Sardis, Hugo, Piney Creek, McGee, or Broken Bow.
All of these lakes are fed by rivers that have a lot of public land around the lake property that is protected by the state.
This makes perfect areas for hogs to breed and run wild because the protected areas of the lakes keeps them from being hunted.
Best thing is to find land owners around those areas that are being run over by the hogs and ask them to shoot them off of their property. That gets you off of the state property, but still puts you close enough to get some good hunting.
My lease is over between Hatrshorne and Wilburton and Gaines Creek runs through the middle of our lease. Seems like the hogs on our place travel the creek bed almost exclusivly wandering away from it just long enough to find food.
On Hugo lake, a lot of hogs are found up and down the Kiamichi River the same way.
Seems like this holds true on Sardis Lake up and down The Jack Fork River.
Probably the water, and their need to wallow that keeps them around the creeks, but it sure makes them predictable as far as looking for places to hunt.
Most Farmers and Ranchers in those areas are fairly agreeable, and most of them work so hard trying to make a living, that they don't have time to keep the hogs down, so if a guy presents himself as someone who will not take advantage of them, most of them will give you permission to hunt on them.
Since they all know each other, the word of mouth will get you on other places if you are liked.

Double Naught Spy
January 13, 2006, 10:39 AM
Feral hogs will cross breed with about any kind of Russian/European Boar(Black or Red Razorbacks) having about 8-10 pigs per year.

Yes, they cross breed. They can do that because they are the same species and so can do so readily.

They will travel in groups called "Sounders".
Sounders are composed of a females and young. Boars are usually solitary except during breeding.

They also compete for every food source that your deer have to feed on.

This isn't exactly true. Deer are browsers and being taller are able to browse at levels hogs cannot attain although within their reach, hog diet is across the board and is not limited to consumption of deer diet. Hogs are omnivors and while they prefer plants, about all they don't eat is hardwood and rocks.

They also carry several diseases,most of which are cooked away, and are not detrimental to humans.
They can carry a disease called Pseudorabies, a viral disease not related to rabies and does not affect humans, but can be given to Livestock, Pets,and Wildlife.

All animals carry diseases. Some are zoonotic to human or zoonotic to other species. Penned domestic hogs can carry the same diseases as feral hogs.

January 13, 2006, 01:18 PM
WWB, that is great info; thanks. Do you have more luck at dawn or dusk? I've also heard you can walk slowly along creeks & rivers like the red river, and look ahead in the weeds right on the river banks, and look for them bedded down, and shoot them while they're bedded. Being blackish, they're easier to spot than a bedded deer.

Also, WWB, I understand what you're saying about finding private landowners (farmers) fed up with the pigs, but why not just hunt them on the public lands too? They're legal to hunt on most if not all the public lands, IINM. Like Eufala, Honobia, Hugo, Push, McGee, Atoka, and all those down in McCurtain Co.

Wild Bill Bucks
January 13, 2006, 01:26 PM
I Have heard from others that they love cane patches along the rivers and creeks, My problem is I'm to big a coward to get in there with them.
Most hogs that I see tend to be early in the morning, In fact, If I am Bow hunting, I will sometimes have to wait for enough light to show my pins on my Bow.
If I'm around a feeder hunting I have seen them come in at all times during the day as long as the weather is cool. I don't think they move as far from a water source during the day if it is very warm weather.

Wild Bill Bucks
January 13, 2006, 01:35 PM
I haven't hunted any of the public lands around the lakes because of retrictions,like Corp. land around Eufaula is shotgun ONLY, and at some of the others also.
There are some of the lakes that don't allow you to use a 4-wheeler, and
I did to many bad things to my body when I was young to be able to hunt very far with-out one (Hell, if I'd known I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself when I was younger)
Went for my check-up the other day and Doc said I should start taking better care of myself, I told him I didn't understand what he was talking about, I've ALWAYS drank the BEST Whiskey and smoked the Best cigarettes
I could afford.

He didn't seem amused.