View Full Version : First Time Glass Bed'er - Need Advice

January 10, 2006, 12:50 AM
Hey Gang:

I am going to glass bed a M77 Tang Safety rifle. A couple of questions that I am sure have obvious answers that I am just somehow overlooking:

1) Do you bed the tang? If so, how do you keep the safety mechanism from becoming locked by the glass? Keep in mind that I can't just hit it with release agent as I need to be able to move it from safety to fire and back. Do I somehow cover it with clay?

2) How do you keep the glass out of the trigger assembly (and out of the machined trigger area when adding the glass) when putting the action into the stock after adding glass?

3) How do you keep the glass out of the internal box area? I'm making the assumption here that the glass is fairly fluid - maybe I am all wet on this.

4) How do I keep the glass from flowing up the barrel channel from the recoil lug area as I tighten the lug bolt down?

5) How tight should I tighten the bolts? The direction say "as tight as you normally tighten them". Well having never done this, I don't have a "normal".

6) Do most of you use a Dremel tool to clearance the action area? What key areas do you leave non-clearanced to ensure the action does not settle too far into the stock?


January 10, 2006, 02:31 PM
On all the guns that I have ever done ,I have completly taken the gun apart .Remove The trigger ,safty and anything eles that can be taken off . I then use modeling clay to fill in all the holes and slots where Glass could kreep in ,including the opening where the follower comes up . try to get a good smooth finish where the clay and action meet . and where the clay will meet any glass . then cover the action with a good release agent . after the glass sets up you can use your dremel to cut out spaces for the trigger ,safty and to clean things up . Don't forget to trim off any overflow around the action before the glass sets up .I hope this helps I'm not very good at explaining things on paper .

January 10, 2006, 05:31 PM

Thank you for the advice... I will have to look tonight and see what removing the trigger and internal magazine box entails... Feeling a bit stupid, but I never even thought of that... Both came out when I removed the action/barrel from the stock...