View Full Version : Trigger job on "N" frame

February 22, 2000, 09:49 PM
I'm doing a trigger job on a N frame Smith.
Does anyone know the proper way to test the rebound spring to determine if you have the proper one installed?


George Stringer
February 22, 2000, 10:34 PM
Ellis, the only test is does it work. If it's doing it's job then it's the right spring. Wolff sells lighter rebound springs in their S&W revolver spring kits and individually. George

February 23, 2000, 08:20 AM
George, The Wolff springs are what I try to use in all my action work. How fast should the trigger return? Will too lite a spring affect the safety of the gun?

George Stringer
February 23, 2000, 11:42 PM
Ellis, only if it were so light that it didn't return the rebound slide. As the slide is returned the hammer block is lifted into position keeping the gun from firing by dropping it or some other impact on the hammer spur. George

February 24, 2000, 07:06 PM
The rebound spring needs to be strong enough to enable the rebound block to return to its forward position quicker than the hammer falls to its fired position if the trigger is not held back. This is a safety item. To test: Aim unloaded gun at ceiling, drop a rod down bore (brass or wood), cock hammer. Jar trigger with plastic hammer or something similar by tapping on trigger guard until hammer is released. If rod is shot out of bore the rebound spring is not strong enough. If the rebound block beats the hammer, as it should, the hammer will seat on the rebound block and prevent the firing pin from contact with the rod.

February 24, 2000, 10:08 PM
Thanks GWN, I'll give that test a try tomorrow. Hope I don't beat the trigger guard in!!!!!!(grin).