View Full Version : Volq. 22/45 Comp Problem

Matt VDW
February 23, 2000, 01:28 PM
I've been using a Volquartsen V Comp on the muzzle of my Ruger 22/45. When it was attached, it worked well, but after a thousand rounds or so the screw that held it on sheared off. Now I have the shank of the screw stuck in the hole and the problem of finding a more secure method of attachment. Any ideas?

The way it's supposed to work, BTW, is that the compensator slips onto the barrel after removal of the front sight. A rubber ring centers and seals the comp at the rear while a screw at the top secures it to the hole for the front sight.

George Stringer
February 23, 2000, 11:50 PM
Matt, the first thing would be to easy out the screw left in the hole. Then get another screw. If the bbl doesn't get too hot when you're firing you could use epoxy to hold the comp in place along with the screw. You might also consider adding a couple more screws. With the rubber seal, sweating it on is almost out of the question. George

Matt VDW
February 24, 2000, 10:56 AM

Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to have a local gunsmith try to add another screw or two.